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RSE Provision for Children in Care

We are regularly asked to work on a one to one basis with children and young people who are in care.  There may have been sexually inappropriate behavour, language or understanding.  Below are a few of our case studies where our intervention has been requested (all names are fictitious and some details altered to maintain anonymity) In 95% of cases we are able to see a difference with just our basic package (see below for prices)

“Kyle” aged 7 attending a Primary School, causing problems in School touching his classmates and sometimes Staff inappropriately, no understanding of personal boundaries. Later discovered Kyle had been exposed to illegal material which had confused him. We helped Kyle learn what were private areas and why, both for him and others. Now enjoys his free time at School and other children happy to be around him

“Suzy” aged 8, her father discovered she had been groomed on line by adult males who posed as her “special friends”. She was encouraged to take photos of herself and share them. As she had received no relationship and sex education at School she was completely unaware of the dangers and therefore vulnerable. Intensive work with Suzy enabled her to catch up to an age appropriate level to help her keep safe on and off line. Her School also participated in our “SRE: Whole School Approach” Programme

“Tom” aged 14 has missed a lot of time from School due to his dysfunctional family, Tom thinks he knows all about sex, unfortunately he doesn’t! His information has come from a variety of streams, other boys, social media, porn sites etc. One to one is the best way to address Tom’s needs as his male bravado would find it difficult to function in a group at his age and stage. Individual work means he can gain trust and confidence to go through age appropriate resources and eventually ask questions. We work with dozens of “Tom"s they come along initially reluctantly, then want to know the truth about sex, followed then by the intricacies of relationships!


This is just a tiny selection, our one to one work covers all manner of circumstances, please contact us for more information.

Basic package to work with a child £130 + travel