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RSE Support for Parents and Carers

We love working with Parents! So on this page we have information on our Parent Sessions/Workshops, some recommended reading for both of you plus Hints & Tips on talking with your child

Parent Workshops and Sessions 

We regularly run 2 x 2hr Workshops to give Parents a head start on having those first tentative conversations withtheir child about their bodies, relationships and sex, After a couple of hours Parents realise how easy it actually is! These courses are usually available through Children's Centres, Schools or privately to you and/or a group of your friends/family. Alternatively whenever we work in Primary Schools we always ask for time to be made available to meet with the Parents to explain what we will be covering with their children and how important it is that Parents are involved in this type of education

Talking with your Children

  1. From the very beginning always refer to parts of their bodies by the correct terms (information is power plus paedophiles will avoid an educated child)
  2. Ensure they are aware of the 4 parts of their body no one should touch unless they want them to: genital area (penis, vagina), bottom (anus) chest and mouth.
  3. Reassure them they can come to you if ANYONE touches them or asks them to keep a secret (surprises are ok secrets are not)
  4. Never expect or force them to kiss people goodbye etc, blowing kisses can be a good alternative
  5. Wise up, if you’re not feeling too confident choose one of the books for younger ones from the Recommended Reading List on our website
  6. If your child wants to touch or explore their genitals explain kindly that it’s something we do in private not in public,
  7. Don’t encourage or tease about “boyfriends” or “girlfriends” substitute with friends who are boys/girls
  8. Start early by answering your child’s questions, as they ask them, if you’re not sure of the answer research it ~ maybe together in a book?
  9. Let your child know what you think and believe, have an awareness of your values especially in your relationships and the way we treat others
  10. Ask what is covered in School, it may be more (or less) than you think
  11. Don’t assume your children are heterosexual
  12. Tell them they can always come and talk to you or ask you things that they have seen/heard and don’t understand (again don’t assume they know this)
  13. Keep the channels of communication going, make time to talk!

Recommended Reading: Why start early?

Reading with a parent or carer, learning about their bodies, teaches children that it’s ok for them to know and talk about their bodies. This early dialogue helps the development of their views; it also helps protect them from sexual abuse and has been shown to delay the onset of early sexual activity.

4-7+ years (together with Parents)

  • Bodies, Babies & Bellybuttons, Lynnette Smith ( £9.99)

7-11 years (and Parents)

  • Let's Talk about girls, boys, babies, bodies, families and friends 
  • Ready, steady, Grow! Lynda Madaras 
  • The Boy’s Body Book Kelli Dunham 
  • The Girl’s Body Book Kelli Dunham 
  • 100% ME, Dorling Kindersley

11-16 years

  • Living with a Willy Nick Fisher 
  • Sisters Unlimited, Jessica Howie 
  • The Teenage Guy’s Survival Guide Jeremy Daldry 
  • The Sex Book, Jane Pavanel (Amazon £4.74 or less)


  • NEW Sex Explained Justin Hancock (Amazon £6.50) also known as The Bish Book or download from the Bish UK website for just 99p Highly Recommended

Check these may be available in your local Library