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Testimonials: Parents

Children and Teenagers are bombarded with sexualised images and messages these days, many Parents are concerned about this and not always sure of the best way to address these sensitive issues with their child: What to say, when to say it? How much to say? What's being covered at School? What's not being covered at School?

Feedback from Parents attanding our "Whole School Approach" Sessions recently

Bowmandale Primary School, January 2017

A fantastic service to have in school.

Sarah Lunn (Foundation & Year 3)

Excellent, easy for the children to understand.

Debbie Christian (Year 1 & 3)

Wrawby St Marys, January 2017

Really interesting to see how you present information to the children. I think it is great. Helpful to see how I can support this at home, language to use etc.

Kate Dancer (Year 3)

Helpful delivery, great to see the actual resources that that will be used.

S Laird

Crowle Primary Academy, January 2017

Excellent idea, very pleased that this brought to our school!

Claire Bassindale (Year 3 & 5)

Informative and open session where I felt any questions could be asked of one of the Big Talk Team.

My daughter has been very comfortable with these sessions in the past.

Sally Ann Robinson (Year 5)

Castledyke Primary School, January 2017

I think as a parent I am lucky that the school invest in this. It seems like an excellent programme supporting the school to keep our children safe. I know it is probably costing the school, but I consider it as important as investing in material to support SATS as it is not all about results. I am glad this school recognise this.

Kay Peck (Year 2 & 6)

Reassured me as a parent that my children will only learn age appropriate details. Enjoyed the session.

Vicki Lea

Grange Lane Primary – January 2017

The talk was excellent and very informative.

Delivered in a relaxed way for the children.

C Reys

Very useful meeting. Put mind at ease re age appropriate level. Friendly staff!!

Melissa Moran (FS2)

Brilliant clear delivery of the presentation, I was nervous about my daughter taking part at such a young age, but feel very confident that she will benefit if she takes part. Thank you!!

Ben Dickinson (Nursey)

Lincoln Gardens Primary School – January 2017

Very informative session. Advice given on how children should be told at certain ages. Very helpful!!

Tracey Green, (Reception)

Helped my daughter enormously last year, particularly with puberty issues.

Jamie Brown (Year 6 & 10)

Good presentation. Lots of good information to help us as parents and understand how schools deal with this subject.

Gemma Howitt (Year 3)

Being a midwife I have an in-depth knowledge on this subject. This session was great as I can now ease knowing the information I have given my children is age appropriate and not too advanced. I think this will be fantastic for children in our changing society.

Kirsty (Year 1, 2 & 3)

I think the information will be very useful for my daughter. I was very impressed with the presentation.

Emma Harris (Year 6)

King Edward Primary – January 2017

A fantastic session, so pleased our children will get access to these sessions. Very informative!!

Michelle Charter (Year 1)

Excellent presentation, reassuring to know what our child will be talked to about!

Peter Tate (F1 Nursey)

I was impressed that you now include Transgender as well as just boy/girls.

Lesley Bagshaw (Year 4)

Leys Farm Juniors – November 2013

Good to know what knowledge the children will be learning and good for myself to know how to explain things in the same way.

D Render (Year 3)

Glad this service is out there to keep our children safe.

All areas covered.

Emma Pittaway (Year 3 )

I feel very happy with today’s meeting and feel more comfortable talking to my child now.

Leanne Fowler (Year 4)


Winterton Juniors School – November

It’s good to be able to know in advance what our children may want to continue talking about at home.


Winterton Juniors School – November 2016

It’s good to be able to know in advance what our children may want to continue talking about at home.
Parent of Year 5 Pupil

Much better than previous videos, I have seen.
Good, clear, child friendly information!!
J E Haynes 

Really helpful information.
Feel confident now on how to explain things and how to keep them safe as well.
Gillian McKeon

I was really impressed and now feel very comfortable with what will be explained to our daughters on top of the conversations we have already had as a family.
G Hoeft 

Oakfield Primary – November 2016

The information was very age appropriate and I have come away happy with the things my child will learn.
Kirsty Squire 

Barton St Peter’s – November

Great springboard for starting discussions at home and to know our child is bring educated in ‘life’ at school as well as at home.
J Portas 

Excellent presentation. Good to see examples of what will be used with the children. Important and invaluable information delivered in a tasteful and appropriate manner.
K Dinsdale

Really informative, it’s very important all children are given the correct information. This has given me the tools to be able speak to my own children about any questions they may have with confidence.
M Miller

Very informative please to know that my child will be educated with sex education and that I will have guidance to use at home.
Laura Clarke 

Marshland Primary – November 2016

Fabulous talk, very helpful.
C Peace 

Brooke Primary School – October 2016

I found the talk interesting and useful to be able to answer any questions my children may ask at home. I also think it is helpful for parents that this delicate matter is discussed appropriately in school.
Emma Rowson

Really age appropriate, good idea due to this day and age.

I’m really happy that my daughter will be involved with this session. It’s a very informative class that will help us introduce her to sex and puberty.
S Seymour

Really age appropriate. Glad I came to the meeting everything explained really well.

Thorne Green Top Primary School – October 2016

Enjoyed the talk, everything was covered for each year group.
Mrs Hayford

Great delivery of information I think the kids will enjoy it.
E Roe

Great presentation, just the right amount of information.
M H Daffin

Orchard Infant School – October 2016

It is scary to think we need to educate our 3 and 4 year olds, on this subject but I am really pleased that the children are being educated at the correct level for their age.
Laura Sheehan

Really good information delivered by staff and that will help to answer my 5 year old sons who just became a brother.


Very informative. I’m eagerly anticipating questions from my little girl! Useful to get us using the correct terminology.
V Rodgers

St Mary’s – October 2016

Was initially quite scared of how to approach such subjects but “the talk” breaks things down in simple terms. Very helpful, thank you. 

It was a very straight forward and easy explanation of subjects my boys have already started to ask questions about I wasn’t sure how to answer them, but now I feel more confident to answer them especially with the help of the book.
K Glover

Has made me realise the importance of talking to your children about this subject, rather than avoiding it which could be potentially dangerous. I now feel confident enough to discuss the topic with my two girls, now knowing that it is ok. I would like to thank you for this and commend you on your programme. I am more than happy for my children to have this knowledge and understanding in such an appropriate way.

Kady Dodd

Owston Park Primary – October 2016

Very informative, found it helpful to know what would be said to my child.
Lianne Bidmead

Really useful to understand what my child will be learning to ensure consistent messages is given at home.
Jenny Rayer

St Peters and St Pauls C of E Primary - October 2016

I am happy with the age appropriate information that will be shared with my child.

Delivery is excellent and has helped put my mind at rest.

Laura Masken

Clear information provided thanks. I already have the book Bodies, Babies and Belly Buttons to follow up on the session once provided to my children.
M Day

John Harrison – October 2016
Really interesting to see what is taught to my child. Gives helpful tips on what to cover at home.

Lisa Stead

I feel the level of content for the different age groups is excellent and it is very useful to know what they will see and hear and prepare for questions.

West Road Primary – September 2016

Very informative, good to be aware of what children are learning and how parents can be involved.
K Crawshaw

Makes me feel comfortable to be able to talk to my children as and when the time comes.
A real eye opener!
Kelly Gaston

Brigg Primary School – September 2016
Wonderfull session. Very happy that my children are being made aware of all these topics so early on in school. A brilliant resource!!

Excellent service and totally agree with it being taught in school and feel my children are in great hands.
Ali Mather

Hadrians Academy – September 2016
It was very helpful to see ad learn what my daughter will be learning. It has made it clear that it’s nothing to be scared of and that the school and parents can work together.
E Miller

It made Sex Education easy to discuss with the children rather than being a daunting task.
Joy Ajala

Richmond House – September 2016
Very helpful and informative, will help me be able to answer any questions my son may have at home.
Gonna Nelson

I’m glad you explained the reasoning behind why you use the “Scientist ” name this totally makes sense.
Rebecca Chappell

Morton Trentside Primary - July 2016
I found the whole talk very informative. The whole subject of growing up and how our bodies develop is dealt with in a simple, easy way.
Steve Killeby

Great age appropriate talk. Very helpful for dealing with a curious 7 year old.
Anne Mc Quillan

Very informative and clearly set out regarding development and progression of knowledge to meet needs of different ages.
Jo Buckle

Happy the topic is being approached as I didn't want to go too in depth when they ask me and I’m glad to know how to answer.

Brilliantly done for ages, great information like how it is presented with pictures.
Miss Holman

Very impressed, I like the use of correct terms, the no touch areas and the very matter of fact attitude. I also liked the same sex family and foster family information.
Tori Morris

Reedness Primary - July 2016
Think it’s something that is essential in the world we live in, the sooner they understand the better, excellent!

The way Lynette presented it to parents was very age appropriate for delivering essential life facts to keep our children safe.
Gini McTaggart

Dines Green - July 2016
Very well presented, I am glad my children will be taught about their bodies so clearly.
Charlotte Bell

Gunness & Burringham Primary - July 2016
Really pleased with what you will be showing my daughter and for it be brought in every year.

Really good to know what is going to be covered prior to my children having their talk at school so I am ready to talk to them at home if necessary, which I’m sure will be the case.
R Trattles

Well delivered. It’s good to know how it is being aimed at the children so at home we can do the same.
Helen Sylvester

Crosby Primary - July 2016
Lesson was very helpful, it helped us parents to understand what will be talked about to our children, putting our minds at rest.
Rachel Cuthbert

I thought the session was very useful and helped me with being able to continue discussions at home. It also made me realise how important this education is.
Hayley Whittaker

I opted out both my girls taking part in the big talk, but having listened to the ‘Big Talk’ myself it’s changed my mind.
Sumaya Knan

XP School - July 2016

Very eye opening and informative. I learned a lot more than I expected to and now feel more prepared for some of the questions to come.

Very interesting and informative. As a parent it really makes you re-think and question your current process.
Tracy Wain

Really informative. We do talk quite openly at home so it is encouraging i.e. knew that we are on the right track. Difficult to know how much to say.
Year 7 Parent

It’s good to see same key relationships covered and problems with homophobia. Hopefully same sex will be just as long as the opposite sexual relations as there is still a lot if bigotry against it.
Dave Martland

Very relaxed and approachable lady. Should put pupils at ease.
Kim Wood

Think this meeting is so beneficial for us all.
Ruth Duke

St Martins Primary C of E - June 2016

Good material, which needs to be delivered to children to keep them safe.

Perfect!! Great to home liaison between school and home. These lessons are so important. Excellent delivery!!!
Emma Speers

Nice ladies!! Will help to explain to my daughter at an age appropriate level.
W Pashifty

Caistor Primary - June 2016

Refreshing to see an up to date sex education program.
S Johnson  

Very re-assuring. A lovely gentle approach.
Lisa Homes

Grasby Primary - June 2016

Excellent delivery, you’ve given me hope!
Year 4 parent

Really good to know what my son will be learning.
Mrs Montgomery

Feedback from Parents attanding our "Whole School Approach" Sessions in previous years

Saltersgate Infants Scawsby - November 2015 
I initially had concerns, being a Christian – issue of sex outside of marriage. I’m fine now because you mentioned some people wait until for marriage.
Reassured, Age Appropriate, Thanks
Deborah Hussain

I think it is a good idea as they are much more experienced.
It’s all very appropriate. I like as a parent we are able to see what the children would see, so we are now not wondering what they will be told.
Nikki Jones

Think it is a good idea to have external specialists as it gives it more “importance” It’s all very good, age appropriate.
Great Parent Session, think it has given me a great starting point and I feel I’ll be able to speak to other family members so we’re on the same page.
Kelly Ridgill

Owston Park Primary Doncaster - October 2015 
Good to have specialists delivering as they are more knowledgeable in this area. Appropriate to start with the basics, I was unsure of the content but now feel re assured.I feel it is important to cover the dangers of social media/internet.
Amanda Timms

Excellent idea. Very helpful to aid learning at home.
Very well organised and targeted towards correct age groups.
The session was very well delivered.
Jo McLen

Barnburgh Primary - September 2015
Good idea to teach our children and to lead them to talk about the subject with parents as some children don’t talk.
Excellent, wish it had been around 40 years ago! Than you for doing this for our children!

John Harrison Primary - October 2015
I think this is good and works well. No concerns as came to the meeting last year, just needed reassuring.

Parnwell Primary, Peterborough - September 2015 
Great resource for the school. Clear and concise information.
More than I had considered necessary previously. However,  it all makes sense and appears appropriate.
Good idea to have specialist delivery as each child learns the same.
Appropriate although we as a family are very open regarding our bodies.

Berkeley Infants - September 2015

Straight to the point and good explanation - Very informative.
Pleased I came to the session to gain a wider knowledge of the content.
The world as it is today, very worrying that my daughter could encounter an unthinkable situation.

St Peter and St Paul CE Primary,  Scunthorpe - October 2015

I think it's a good idea as teachers have enough to cover and otherwise it might get skimmed over.

I wasn't sure how much information would be given and at what stage, so I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep up at home.

I thought that the talk was well presented and the examples/diagrams were well thought out and relevant to the children at different ages.

Excellent to have a subject specialist with such experience helping to keep our children safe.

Perfect, age appropriate.

I think it's a good and effective idea to educate children.

I think it is age appropriate and is relevant to the way of the world.

I think it just makes you realise how much things have changed and what you need to do to safeguard your child in terms of what they need to know.

A very useful and informative session.

Brigg Primary - September 2015

I think it is positive that it is specialists coming in as the fact that they do it day in and day out means that they are able to give high quality of education in this area.

I think the lesson content is appropriate. I can see that my 8 year olds interests/questions in this area are in line with the content. I am reassured by the emphasis on safety.

I think this presents a very well thought out programme which is conscious of the right level for different age groups.

Orchard Infants Doncaster - October, 2015

Brilliant idea, excellent to share – feel prepared for questions that will come.

I think it sounds like a really good programme – Nice to know that its in place

Orchard & Copley Infants & Juniors - October 2015

Happy, better for external due to content as it emphasises importance.

Surprised at some of it but agree is relevant.

Good! Will be delivered in a natural and professional way.

Really good to get this information before my child.

Happy, confident that it will be delivered effectively.

A bit scary but trust it is being done appropriately.

Hadrian Academy Bedfordshire - September 2015 

I think it’s really important and a relief to have information.

Fine – all age appropriate.

I’m satisfied and happy.

I am glad the school have addressed the subject.

A feel the “age appropriate” contents varying is a fantastic idea.

I think it is a good idea to have people specialised in the subject.

I think it is explained in a clear and easy to understand way.

I am pleased they are being taught about their bodies and changes they will experience.