Big Talk Education

Testimonials: Primary

Here is a small selection of our recently collected feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us for more or the Schools directly:

Ashton St Peters Church of England VA Primary School (Dunstable) - March 17

I would like to say thank you very much for another very successful delivery across our school.
Your team are amazing and engaged so well with our children, parents and staff.
Would it be possible to book for the next academic year 207/2018 please?

Shirley McGinty, Head Teacher 

Althorpes & Keadby Primary – February 2017

An informative session which the children responded to without embarrassment. Good use of scientific name. Children’s questions was answered sensitively.

Sue Tyson, Year 6 Teacher/Deputy Head

Professional, informative and engaging presentation.

Nicola Whitehouse, Teacher

Good for children to know the scientific terms and what is safe/acceptable in a way that they understand.
Good to know who to talk to.

Kelly Harman, Teacher

Belton All Saints C of E Primary School – February 2017

Encouraging, calm to listen to short delivery suitable for little ones.

E Ellis –Spark, Supply Teaching Assistant

Calm, encouraging approach suitable for young children.

Julie Humphries, FSI Teacher

Alkborough School - February 2017

Excellent delivery with age appropriate content. Staff able to answer pupil’s questions factually and with confidence.

Kristina Webb, Head Teacher

Simple but exceedingly effective. Equal amount of learning, humour and seriousness regarding regarding the SRE topic.

Amanda Hirsley, Teacher

Berkeley Primary School - February 2017

Nicely presented, age appropriate comprehensive content. Sensible children with an opportunity for questions. The hour just flew by!!

J Vedu, Chair of Governors

Very informative and delivered in a child friendly, age appropriate way.

Rachel Jones, Assistant Head

The BigTalk Education was delivered extremely well and was very informative. The ladies were very friendly and knowledgeable. The children listened very well and learnt a lot.

Joanna Spencer, Teacher

Introduction to scientific language was engaging and age appropriate. Gentle introduction to different family types was appropriate.

Catriona Card, Class Teacher

Norton Junior School - February 2017

Excellent delivery, clear and concise. Delivered in a friendly and accessible manner too which I feel put the children at ease. Lots of new information, a lot to take!

Thank you for leading this session, you’ve delivered the content in a much better way than I could have!!

Nicola Jones, Y4 Teacher / Assistant Head

Informative, appropriate, to the point and relevant for what that age group need to know. The content delivered well in a child friendly way.

Matthew William, Class Teacher

Messingham Primary - February 2017

Clear power point slides. Very informative but not too much that the children are drowned in facts. Sensible and down to earth delivery.

Caroline Hilton, Teacher

Lesson was delivered really clearly, all children were engaged throughout.

Miss Louise Fysh, Teacher/PSHCE Lead

Dines Green Primary School - February 2017

Was detailed and delivered in a way that allowed them to feel comfortable asking questions.

Lucy Taylor, Teacher

The children listened and responded, well pitched well for age group.

Marion Button, Nursey Nurse

Bowmandale Primary School - January 2017

A well delivered session, all pupils thoroughly enjoyed, thank you.

Ala Taylor, Class Teacher

Sensitive but vital information delivered in a positive, factual manner at an age appropriate level. Explanations (oral and pictorial) meant the content was accessible to all.

C Palin, Teacher

Valuable information for the children, delivered at their level – Brilliant !!

J Peers, Teaching Assistant

Wrawby St Mary’s C of E Primary, January 2017

Very informative session at the correct level for the year three’s.  Lots of encouragement was given to speak out if the child was unsure of anything.

Tina Beacoft, Teaching Assistant

A super, clear, precise way to teach/remind children of such important information and what is right and wrong.

Sarah Sargent, Teaching Assistant

Very informative and the Q and A was really useful. I think the section on e-safety was very important, and was dealt with well.

Tracy Hotchin, Deputy Head

Crowle Primary Academy - January 2017

Comprehensive, informative, thoughtfully delivered.

Pat Payne, Teaching Assistant

Clear, Age relevant information. Good use of actions and visuals to deliver key messages.

Erica Fawcett, Assistant Head Teacher

 Castledyke Primary School - January 2017

Engaging, questions were appropriate at the end, pitched at the right level for their age.

Lindsey Hall, Early Years Practitioner

Very professional delivered. Children given clear information about how to stay safe/boundaries and their body.

Mrs Skerratt, Teacher

King Edward Primary School -  January 2017

Great resources linked to modern issues eg: selfies and e-safety. The images are very powerful. Interesting to see how each session differs to ensure it is age appropriate.

Nichola Borrett, Class Teacher

High quality presentation and discussion.

Confidently led with excellent subject knowledge.

The presenters made all the children feel relaxed, ensuring a purposeful session.

Lindsey Lewins, Deputy Head

A very accessible session for the children to access and understand. I am very pleased to see the extra information included about gay, lesbian and transgender.

Kerry Smith, Teacher and Safeguarding Lead

Fantastic relationship with children. Answers to their questions were fully explained in a friendly way. Thank you!!

Nicola Borrett, Class Teacher

The Grange Primary School – January 2017

Great content to help the children understand and be aware of how to keep themselves safe.

K Fisher, Assistant Head

I felt it was very good, slowly advancing with each year so that there’s no shock for the children when they’re older and knowing how to keep safe from a young age.

M Waldle, Lunchtime Supervisor

Pitched at the right level with sensitive explanations. Answered questions immediately and at the right pace for age group. Length of session was just right.

Mrs Clare Stenhose, Learning Assistant

Lincoln Gardens Primary School – January 2017

Very good behaviour and helping children focussed even after ‘giggles’. Very informative and child friendly speak.

Matthew Sylvester, Teacher

Very informative and pitched at an appropriate level.

Naz Goulthorpe, Deputy Head/Class Teacher

Very useful session. Well delivered.

Hannah Hepworth, Assistant Head

Staff were really good with behaviour/silliness and by the end of the lesson it was as if we had a normal everyday school lesson.

J Wilks, Teaching Assistant

Leys Farm Juniors School - November 2016

Excellent presentation, especially as it reflected current concerns about the internet safety/selfies/Sharing o social media. Important message about trusted adults; structure of family. Sensitive presentation.

A F Laidlow, DHT/YR Teacher

Excellent delivery and very age appropriate.

Ann Marie Wass, Teacher

Longtoft Primary School - November 2016

Reassuring and informative discussion.

Like the focus on social media, easy to relate to.

Caroline Tudor, Year 5 Class Teacher

All was dealt with in a very dear, sensitive manner.

Content was delivered using high quality resources and slides which were clear and easy for pupils to understand.

Joanna Marr, Year 4 Teacher/Assistant Head

A fantastic presentation that covered many areas honestly and scientifically. Made me feel confident to discuss areas with the boys afterwards.

Hannah Buxton, Teacher

Oakfield Primary School – November 2016

Lovely friendly staff with the level perfectly aimed at the younger age group.
Rachel Money, Class Teacher

Good information given to all age groups. Age appropriate, very knowledgeable when answering all questions.
June Oades, Teaching Assistant.

Visual aids very good.
Very well presented to the children at an appropriate level.
Lisa James, EYP

Barton St Peter's Church of England Primary - November 2016

Great level, pace and vocabulary used throughout. Lovely simple pictures that the children responded well to.
Mrs L Staton, Early Year Practitioner

Age appropriate, very engaging and informative.
Louise Vockins, Class Teacher

Fabulous simple talk that informs the children at an appropriate level, what they need to know about themselves and how to be safe.
Dawn Haylock, Teacher

Children were fully engaged in the conversation about the scientific names for our private body parts. They felt comfortable to join in and answer questions. The ladies were very approachable and the information sheet was helpful.
Mrs Whyley, Teacher

Marshlands Primary – October 2016

Excellent delivery and age related.
C.Revill, S T Assistant

The children really did take on all the knowledge of the lesson it was well received, well presented.
Sally Travis, Student Volunteer

St Mary’s Primary School, Chesterfield – October 2016

Liked the child friendly slides.
Liked the use of questions to encourage the children to think.
Liked the use of the scientist hats.
Nicola Turner, Teacher

Very thorough information, great opportunity to ask any questions and address them. Child were in a positive environment to be able to discuss. Thank you!!
A Price, Teacher

The ladies were fantastic. Their delivery was perfect and the kids were really interested in what they were talking about.
I feel what would be an uncomfortable situation was made very normal by the ladies.
Zain Zadel, Initial Teacher Training

Fantastic!! Dealt with the giggles of year 3 and used correct names for body parts. Excellent pace and pitched!!
Teresa Doohan, Year 3 Teacher

Thorne Green Top Primary School – October

The focus on key vocabulary was brilliant. Very informative in short period of time. Staff were very friendly and liked the fact one female and one male.
Jayne Ogle, Class Teacher

What a great way to discuss a sensitive topic with 10 and 11 year olds. Relaxed, calm and safe!
K.Overson, Teacher

A fantastic sensitively delivered talk, the children were hooked!! Thanks!!
Claire Salter, Deputy Head

A lovely session, the children were very engaged and enjoyed the session.
Megan Hughes, Trainee Teacher

Brooke Primary School - October 2016

Very informative, child friendly, Big Talk Staff were wonderful, children felt safe to ask questions.
Mr Farrand, Teacher

The pitch of the lesson was perfect for year 5. It was well detailed and child friendly.
Hayley Jackson, Class Teacher

I thought the talk was age appropriate. Good use of pictures and actions to help the children remember how to stay safe.
Samantha Brown, Class Teacher

The Session was pitched perfectly to the children’s understanding.
J Barrie, F1 Teacher

Orchard Infants – October 2016

The workshop content was well delivered and the children responded well. I was really impressed with what the children had remembered from their previous session in Year 1 and how they built on this.
Kate Westerman, Year 2 Teacher/Deputy

Due to my children being introduced to Big Talk last year, I think they tackled today’s sessions very maturely and matter of fact.
Chloe Jones, Class Teacher

St Peter & St Paul C of E primary School – October 2016

Just the right amount of information given for younger children.
Miss Enwright, Early Year Practitioner

Fantastic! Clear language, appropriate for the age range and easy to understand.
Holly Tomlin, Class teacher

Very clear and scientific dealing with the physical and emotional side of growing up. Loved that girls and boys learned about changes to both sexes.
K Tong, Teacher SENCO

Parkgate House Primary School – October 2016

Claire has a lovely tone with the children and talk was well pitched. The use of pictures was helpful and the children all understood what they were being asked.The incorporation of social media was a focus was great.
Phoebe Amato-Pace, Teacher PP2

Another superb sessions, so informative and clear the children responded extremely positively. They found it so useful and felt very comfortable with Lynnette.
Fiona Mangion, Deputy Head

Very sensitively delivered. At the right pace for the children but also very clear.
Created a safe place to explore (As a pose to the internet).
Louise Treherne, Deputy Head

An excellent session which the children responded so well to. They listened intently to Claire who delivered the session so brilliantly, she was clear and calm and found the time to listen to every questions and comment. The children loved it and responded very confidently and happily.
Fiona Mangion, Deputy Head

John Harrison Primary C of E Primary School – October 2016

Very good at praising and making the children feel they can speak up and ask questions. Keeping the children involved and active so they are engaged is a big positive. Lots of visuals – very helpful.
Miss S Carrick, Class Teacher

Very child friendly and basic enough for good understanding, making the children join in with thumbs up and thumbs down was a good way to keep them engaged and listening.
Kathryn Bartlett, Early Years practitioner

Really pleased that this fitted in well with our E-Safety education. I also like the discussion about how to move yourself from a situation giving them tools to deal with issues.
C Crowther, Class Teacher

Owston Park Primary – October 2016

A very comprehensive talk, which was much better to be delivered by visitors than me, the teacher.
Anonymous, Teacher

A sensitive subject covered with care. Very impressed with pupils response.
Rachel Hiblin, Phase 1 Lead

Children have remembered quite a lot of information from year 2. Shows the children understood/listened. Delivery of lessons made children feel comfortable in answering questions /asking questions.
Fran Crowe, LSA

West Road Primary – September 2016

Brilliant, calm, clear delivery. Kept our year 5 boys engaged. I feel the information made the boys realise how normal growing up is.
J.Brandan , Teaching Assistant

Age appropriate, perfectly pitched. I loved the scientific slant, really helped to stop giggles!
Rohan Thorn, Teacher RE & MFL

Super pitched, super scientific knowledge.
J H Woodward, Deputy

An excellent session. Very professionally delivered, promoting a positive response from the children.
Kathy Thompson, Head Teacher

Very Informative and well presented. The mature and sensible behaviour of the boys in the session was a reflection of how well the presentation was delivered.
Tom Rich, Class Teacher

Brigg Primary School – September 2016

Delivered on a child level but every point is made maturely. All children engaged and remembered previous sessions.
Mrs Nunes, Year 6 Class Teacher

Richmond Academy – September 2016

All children were engaged and there was loads of evidence of pervious learning.
So many areas covered in a short time!
Will be getting Big Talk into our Sheffield Primary!!
Gillian Booth, PSHE Lead

Valued the frankness, honesty and clarity of information. Felt that the illustrations helped scaffold the important areas and made the learning objectives absolutely clear. Thank you very much!!!
Pete, Trainee Teacher

Hadrian Academy – September 2016

A very informative presentation. Lovely relaxed atmosphere, children fully engaged. Lynnette was very friendly and approachable.
Andrea Lawson, Teacher

Really age appropriate, recap on knowledge from prior years and building on this. Pictures used are fantastic.
Nicole Baxter, Year 5 Class Teacher

West Grantham Academy St John’s - July 2016
Brilliant, thank you!!
Sharon Short, Teacher

Crosby Primary - July 2016
Lovely calm approach!
Talked to the children, not down to them, which was good.
Lots of information given in a suitable way and questions answered honestly but carefully.
T Sykes, AHT

Excellent, professional presentation, would not hesitate to recommend.
C Fielder-Shattell, Teaching Assistant

Moreton Trentside Primary - July 2016
Excellent, professional delivery. All children were very sensible due to your calm manner and felt they were able to ask questions because they were comfortable.
Sam Evans, Assistant Head

A very informative session and really raised awareness of how to keep themselves safe.
Sarah Scott, Teacher

Reedness Primary - July 2016
Really beneficial. The children are now more knowledgeable about keeping safe and what to do if certain situations arise.
Jennie Cooper, Teacher

Valuable, essential, age appropriate information all put into context.
V Howard, Teacher

Epworth Primary Academy- July 2016
Age appropriate, clear and with enough details. Very professional, thank you.
Jayne Davies, Teacher

Very professional, very informative and to the point. Certainly age appropriate.
Ramona Czaplinski, Teacher

Great to see this been taught in school in such a child friendly/appropriate way. Also great (from a trainee teacher’s views) to see there are outside agencies to help with a delicate subject.
Michaela Hanly, Trainee Teacher

Very clear and concise. The ladies spoke in a calm, reassuring way. Very impressed!
Helen Hodson, Teacher

Gunness & Burringham C of E Primary- July 2016
Extremely well delivered.
Mrs A.Ellis, Head Teacher

I felt the talk was very important and made me feel much happier about my class knowing what is and is not appropriate.
Sarah Haworth, Class Teacher

Dines Green Primary - July 2016
The talk was very informative, and excellently put across.
Teaching Assistant

Delivered in a sensitive way that 4/5 year olds can understand. The children responded well and asked relevant questions.
Brenda Price, Teaching Assistant

St Martin’s C of E Primary - July 2016
Lovely use of age appropriate language, which highlighted body differences and gender relationships. Empowers children to be more confident.
Elissa Mullin, Teaching Assistant

Delivered with sensitivity and age appropriateness. Very informative.
Mrs Sanders Sellers, Teaching Assistant

West Butterwick C of E Primary - July 2016
Super young-person friendly approach. Not embarrassing at all. Excellent staff with a friendly attitude.
Fiona Cappleman, Teaching Assistant

Caistor Primary - July 2016
Very informative. I particularly enjoy your method of “working like scientist” it really helps to combat the giggles and increases the learning.
Laura Coupland, Class Teacher

Excellent information, sensibly delivered, children had the opportunity to write personal questions, thank you. 
B Ingham, Teacher

Killingholme Primary - July 2016
Great variety of information, children seemed very engaged.
The visual pictures where a good idea to help the children understand.
Marie Kittle, Teaching Assistant

Very child friendly and at the appropriate level for this age of children.
Amanda Bates, Early Year Practitioner

Grasby All Saints CE Primary - July 2016
Comprehensive, appropriate and relatable content. Good interaction with the children.
Jackie Critten, Teaching Assistant

Eye C of E Primary - June 2016
Very chid friendly and brilliant with the children. My class were engaged and felt comfortable to get involved in the discussions.
Miss Lemin, Teacher

Very informative and detailed lessons for the children. Questions answered effectively. Good adaptation for genders.
Mrs Duffy, Class Teacher

Excellent delivery at the right level for year 4.
Year 4 Teacher

Westcliffe Primary - June 2016
Great session!! Very friendly and easily explained to our children at the correct level of understanding. Essential topic for our children’s life and safeguarding matters.
Monka Hernandez, Teaching Assistant

Lovely friendly session with clear information that was easy for the children to understand.
Steph Marley, PGCE Student

Hibaldstow Academy - June 2016
Excellent presentation. Use of visual clues and gestures helped understanding of children and helped me to see how the children were responding.
Tania Green, Year 1 teacher

Fantastic delivery of what could be classed as a ‘difficult’ subject. Clear resources, excellent power point, very age appropriate and child friendly.
Jayne Sanderson, Y5/6 Teacher/Assistant Head Teacher

Lesson was levelled for the appropriate age of children. Children were engaged and remembered previous sessions so were comfortable with the language and subject matter. Situations discussed were relevant to all children and they felt comfortable answering questions.
Louse Orhan, Supply Teacher

Excellent delivery, age appropriate and good use of visual aids. Children felt comfortable to interact with SRE staff.
Mrs Breedon, Teaching Assistant

Scawby Academy - June 2016
Excellent delivery of a sensitive subject. Easy for the children to understand at their age.
Teaching Assistant

Simple and very effective. Good length of time for age of children. Age appropriate content.
Verity McDonald, Teacher

Well delivered, appropriate to foundation with class fully engaged and pictures that children could relate too. Right length of time.
Jane Botham, Early Years Practitioner

Excellent delivery of age appropriate information. Informative and clear with opportunities for children to ask questions.
Emma Ellethon, Teaching Assistant

Priory Lane Community School - June 2016
A very comprehensive session that was delivered with great knowledge and sensitivity. Particularly pleasing was the way the girls were reminded that their bodies are their own and they have the right to say ‘NO’.
Caroline Selby, Class Teacher

Bentley High Street - June 2016
Thought it was very well pitched for the age group.
J.Throssell, Assistant Head

Great engagement from staff to children. Informative and tailored to level/age of children. Handled tricky questions fantastically.
Kyle Allanson, SEN/LSA

Bottesford Juniors - June 2016
Very pleased with the content and the way in which it was delivered. Pupils were given opportunities to ask questions and have misconceptions address.
Ian Snowden, Class Teacher

Anonymity of the Q & A section was really useful.
Sarah Lewan, Assistant Head

Luddington and Garthorpe Primary - June 16
Really well delivered with consideration to the age of the children. Lovely praised and listened to the children’s contributions and questions.
Mrs Dixon, Teacher

Bottesford Infants - May 2016
I liked the idea of putting science hats on before discussing the science words for the parts of the body. Good to see reference to phones/internet and what is appropriate or not.
Claire Ibbotson, Teacher

Clear images used to consolidate children’s understanding of content. Appropriate images e.g. toilets in school.
Rebecca Watson, Teacher

Pocklington School - May 2016
Fantastic! The sessions was incredibly clear and perfectly pitched.
Sarah Cobb, DSL

I thought your content and style of delivery were both excellently judged.
Patrick Allen, Teacher

Calm, considerate and careful approach to the facts and the children’s growth and safety. A perfect approach.
Anne Hughes, Teacher

Middleton Primary - May 2016
Overall a good session with sensitive information given. Some very child friendly information.
James Groombridge, Intervention Teacher

Simple and very easy to understand, lots covered, presented well and both ladies very child friendly.
M Preston, H.I.TA

Very engaging and child friendly. A great starting point for teachers to follow on.
Mikaela Powell, Teacher

St Theresa’s - May 2016
Liked the way it was all very open, making it not a ‘taboo’ subject.
Alison Woodhead, Headteacher

Very thorough, dealt with giggles very well which calmed the class down over the session.
E Food, Teacher

Howden Juniors - May 2016
A well pitched lesson enabling children to learn fact in preparation for puberty.
Sarah Warnes, Teacher

Good link to use of phones/tablets. Very relevant for year 6.
M.Hadrdgrane, Year Teacher

Scunthorpe C of E Primary – May 2016
The children always surprise me during the Big Talk Education sessions; they listen attentively behave very maturely and learn a great deal of important information.
Aaron Rush, Teacher

Calm, informative approach, used images which are appropriate to the year group.
Sara Neall, Assistant Head

South Ferriby Primary - May 2016
Very professional and sensitive.
Adelle Hodgkinson, H L Teacher Assistant

New Holland Primary – May 2016
I felt the session was delivered very sympathetically, taking into account the girls ages / stage of development. It was cleare, concise and included everything I felt was appropriate for their age.
Shirley Frith, Teaching Assistant

Woodfield Primary - May 2016
Age appropriate and suitable for year 3. Children very responsive and constantly engaged. Always related to ‘real-life scenarios’ and children making connections.

Good content, really informative for the children. Thought the bit about photographs was really important and definitely needed in these times with the internet.
Lily Betts, Teacher

Excellent – well pitched and delivered. The children enjoying the session and especially being scientist.
Sarah Watson, Head Teacher

Kirton Lindsey Primary - May 2016
Clear explanations of information given to the children.
Andy Parton, Teacher

Very clear messages given in a calm way and children were all engaged. Age appropriate.
Claire Credland, Teaching Assistant

Really impressed at introduction of words for gay and lesbian relationships at such an early age. An excellent step towards eradicating homophobia.
Hayley Doust, Teacher