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Testimonials: Secondary

Here are just a few examples of our recent feedback:

Testimonial From Lyndsay Millar, Humanities Curriculum Leader, The Vale Academy  - March 2017

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the team for the SRE lessons you have put on for our students for the past fortnight. Please pass on my appreciation for all their hard work.

Testimonial From Laura Brain, Head of PSHRE Haileybury Turnford School - Jan 2017

Absolutely Fantastic! Never seen the students so engaged in a drop-down session before. Different activities kept them engaged and they loved the group discussions. Speakers were at ease, engaging and had excellent control of the class. Lesson content covered a wide spectrum of information and set a really good grounding for future Sex Ed Lessons. 

This group have difficulty listening for 5 minutes so the fact that they sat through 60 says it all!

Testimonial from Martin Seid, Deputy Head of XP School

Judged the tone brilliantly with a group of boys who were interested, but also at times giggly due to their age. Has really impressed, not just with the way the content was made comfortable, but also how the boys were managed

Testimonial from Yvonne May Deputy Head St Bede's Catholic Voluntary Academy

Lynnette always delivers a high quality input to the students. Careful preparation takes place prior to any work done and her team is thorough and sensitive to any requirements that we may have. Lynnette will tailor any programme to fit the needs of the school and is always thoroughly professional. The evaluations that we receive are also invaluable for us to see what additional training/input may be needed in the future. An excellent service

Selection of feedback from Yr 10 girls @ Melior Academy who received the Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) awareness session

“My Dangerous Loverboy”

  “It was quite a scary thought but if anything like that was to happen you’d be able to relate so its quite a useful session”

 “I think the session was grueling but significant for me to be ware of and it helped us keep safe”

 “I think it was good because we learn lot about the risks and we saw stuff that we didn’t think would happen to people our age”

“It was useful, but was hard to watch and talk about. However we understand that it is important that we know this information and the danger of this happening to us.”

 “We understand a lot more about the dangers of trust and relationships”

 “I found it emotional and an eye opener it could happen to anyone anywhere”

 “A good lesson but I think instead of telling only girls just not to fall for these tricks, tell the boys not to play them. The British attitude is not don’t rape but don’t get raped”