Big Talk Education

Testimonials and Evidence


Big Talk Education - working with the Primaries

Teacher Feedback, Belton Primary 16.3.15

Good – Very matter of fact way to deliver the content. The specialists have lots of knowledge to answer the questions naturally. J. Ellwood Teacher Year 5/6

 I was not confident teaching SRE because of being unsure as to what information to give, how much detail to go into. Specialists taking it has been very valuable and has improved my own confidence in talking to the children. Jenny McMahon Class teacher Year 5.

Really good interaction with the children. They are very confident in the delivery which the class teacher might not be as confident. Louise Bloomfield Class Teacher year 2.

Parent feedback

 I am going to discuss with my child tonight. I feel more confident now! Kate Bailes

 Looking forward to the conversations following the lessons!! Mr and Mrs Elderkin


Some comments received in the evaluations:

'It has reassured me that I am doing the right thing'

'It was good to be able to discuss things I was concerned about'

'Opened my eyes to a lot about I didn't know'

'has made me more aware of the content of sexual education within schools'

'made me more aware of how and when to approach my children with sex education'

'I found the course really interesting and informative. I feel much more informed about things my children will experience as they are growing up or where to find further information should we need it'

'more confident in talking to my children and that I'm the person to do that'

'I have found it easier in being more open talking with my daughter and it will help me with other questions in the future'