Big Talk Education

Relationship and Sex Education in Colleges

In the UK the average age for starting a sexual relationship is 16/17, at this stage in their life, unplanned parenthood and/or an STI can cause a myriad of problems for both students and college. Whilst some young people recieve good Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) in Secondary School many don't. Recently, we were commisioned to undertake research in a 6th form college which highlighted a vast gulf in knowledge and prior learning. BigTalk Education cover a range of topics and a variety of delivery styles: small groups, workshops or roadshow.  

At college age, RSE is still an important element of student's education, supporting their health and emotional well being.

The Current 2017/18 Programme

Relationships and Parenthood 

 Building knowledge, confidence and assertiveness in relationships, to enable things to go at their pace, (includes contemporary contraception information for males and females) 



Infections and Protection 

 Signs, symptoms and extent of STI’s (Sexually transmitted infections). Where and how to access free condoms and how to use them correctly.

Sexuality and Relationships 

 Sexual orientation, activity and norms, includes social, legal and moral perspectives. Followed by a relationship exercise, which explores expectations, pace, and realities for both genders. 

Sex and The Law including Sexual Consent 

The Law in terms of age of consent, (what is consent?) sexting, pornography etc.


PVR (Pornography versus Reality) 

Studies have shown that the average age to first access porn on the Internet is 11, with some as young as 8. We examine the truth about what porn is and isn’t. (We use specially designed non-offensive resources) 


Mates, Dates, Loves, Hates JLC_girls1

Spotlight on relationships, are they positive and fun or destructive? This session assists young people to identify different types of abuse through to how to get over break ups with the support of friends.


Sexual Exploitation Awareness

Addressing this contemporary issue, the workshop offers groupwork, peer support and DVD footage to enter the dark world of sexual exploitation. We aim to raise awareness and resiliance by exposing how gangs and individuals operate. Knowledge is power.


“It won’t happen to me”

The reality of Teenage Pregnancy for young Fathers and Mothers based in a local environment 

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