Big Talk Education

Relationship and Sex Education in Secondary Schools

With over 20 years experience of delivering RSE to Secondary Schools we like to think we know what works. We appreciate time tabling can be challenging so our Secondary School packages can be delivered as class sessions, workshops, school enhancement/enrichment days or year group roadshows. (Please see below for a list of Schools where we have worked recently)

Our Programme in Secondary Schools uses a Youth Work approach to RSE delivery, participation, empowerment and inclusion are fundamental to its success. The Team fosters a non-judgmental, relaxed, receptive atmosphere, which doesn’t shy away from sensitive issues. There is also time for lighter moments and the use of appropriate humour!  We currently deliver to over 5,000 Senior Students from a broad social base: multi-cultural, urban, rural, faith and Academy Schools.



RSE is delivered by the Team to Yrs 7-13.

 (11 to 18yr olds)


The Current 2017/18 Programme Options


Year 7 

  • One lesson covering everything they should have covered at Primary: Proactive safeguarding (including consent), reproduction, puberty, relationships and reliable sources of information regarding relationships and sex. Opportunity to ask annonymous questions in the Ask it Basket.
  • Optional for Girls & Boys CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) we raise awareness of personal safety, potential grooming and exploitation in a way that is realistic but age appropriate.

Year 8 (Upwards)

  • 1. Personal Safety and Risk Taking

Ground rules, social norms and underage sexual behavior, the 20/80 rule. 


Sex and Language (understanding the words the BigTalk Team and others use) reproduction, puberty changes, periods, consent etc. (update from previous learning.)

Sex and the Law, risky behavior and consequences, including pregnancy myths, alcohol, technology, rights & responsibilities, confidentiality.

  •  2. Relationships and Sexuality

Ask it Basket for anonymous questions.

Positive friendships & relationships, abusive relationships, peer pressure, sexual norms and those portrayed in the media. Internet safety; chat rooms and the dangers of inappropriate web sites. Sexual orientation, growing up gay, transgender, challenging homophobia and female genital mutilation.

  • Optional for Boys SWAIRS (Safe Ways to Access Information about Relationships & Sex) how to stay safe when looking for information online. Too many boys are accessing inappropriate sites and assuming that is how sex is in real life. This Workshop myth-busts and stresses the importance of respect and consent.
  • Optional for Girls CSE (MDL Child Sexual Exploitation) Girls this age can be targeted on and off line, we focus on off-line grooming as it is a topic that seems to be an ever present modern danger (this is more hard hitting than the Yr7 Workshop)

Year 9 (Upwards)

  • 1. Infections and Protection

Self esteem within relationships. STI’s, what are they, how are they transmitted, their effects, which ones can be cured (and which can’t). Safer sex; condom information and demonstration. How to access condoms, consent and communication skills

  • 2. Relationships and Parenthood

The effects of unplanned pregnancy. Contraception; modern methods and availability. What to expect in pregnancy. The whole concept of “consent” including the effects of alcohol and our behavior within relationships. “Sex Test” to measure individual learning. Evaluation and Feedback 

Year 10

  • Specialist Workshops on topics such as, “Mates, Dates, Loves, Hates?” Abusive Relationships. “It won't happen to me” Teenage Parenthood. “Emotions: Pain & Pleasure” Understanding Relationships.

Year 11

  • RSE Catch Up. This is often the age at which they are often thinking of becoming sexually active, we do a one hour catch up of the essential issues: unplanned parenthood, contraception, correct condom use, STIs, consent, pleasure and responsibility etc.

For details on our Year 12 & 13 programme please see our working with colleges page.

We are able to offer bespoke packages to match your requirements, just call us on 01724 782618 or 07811 686202 for more information, or we can arrange a short meeting at your convenience.


Secondary Schools we have worked with recently are:


North Lincolnshire

Axholme Academy, Crowle
Huntcliff School, Kirton in Lindsey
John Leggott Academy, Scunthorpe
Melior Community Academy, Scunthorpe
Sir John Nelthorpe School, Brigg
South Axholme Academy, Epworth
St Bede's Catholic Voluntary Academy, Scunthorpe
The Vale Academy, Brigg
Winterton Community Academy


City of Peterborough Academy
Lincoln Christ's Hospital School



Bridlington School
DeWarrene Academy, Conisborough
Longcroft School and Sixth Form College, Beverley
William Henry Smith School, Brighouse
XP School, Doncaster


London & South East

St Dunstans College, London
Haileybury Turnford School, Hertfordshire
UCL Academy, London