Archbishop of York Junior School

July 2022

This was our second visit to this Junior School where we were greeted by supportive parents and staff a like. It was great to see what the children had remembered from last year and to have the opportunity to build upon this preparing them for growing up whilst reminding them of keeping themselves safe.


Parent feedback

 “I really appreciated the talk and the time you give to explain to us. I feel so much better now.
Thank you. Tamar, child age 8.

 “Very informative. Gives a good starting point in how to start conversations as well as how to answer questions.” Maddie, child age 8.

“Very informative. Useful to know exactly what the children will be learning and the words used.” Anonymous, child age 9.

Key Facts

  • Quality RSE education increases the chances a child will know where to go for help and support should they ever need it.


Staff feedback

“Very well planned talk working up to difficult topics and encouraging interaction gently. Covered a broad range of topics that were age-appropriate, up-to-date and relevant to todays students.Verity Hall , Year 5 Teacher. 

“Excellent! Very informative and reassuring. Great encouragement throughout with terminology etc. Thank you!” Tracey Richards, Year 6 Teacher.