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BigTalk Education, one of the UK’s leading providers of relationship & sex education give parents’ ten top tips for talking to your child about body science and relationships. 

Relationship and sex education is much more than talking to children about reproduction. Our advice to parents is to follow our top tips below for speaking to your child about their bodies and relationships, this will make the transition to talking about Sex much easier.

Ten Top Tips for Parents

1. From the very beginning always refer to parts of their bodies by the correct terms, for example, boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.

2. Ensure they are aware of the 4 parts of their body no one should touch unless they want them to: the genital area (penis, vagina), bottom, chest and mouth.

3. Reassure them they can come to you if ANYONE touches them or asks them to keep a secret (surprises are ok, secrets are not).

4. Never expect or force them to kiss people goodbye etc. We suggest that blowing kisses, shaking hands or a “high five” can be a good alternative.

5. If a child wants to touch or explore their genitals explain kindly that it’s something we do in private not in public.

6. Don’t encourage or tease about “boyfriends” or “girlfriends” substitute with “friends who are boys” or “friends who are girls”. Feeling pressured by this can lead to problems at School and with peers. Let them be children and enjoy their friendships, there is plenty of time for closer relationships when they get older.

7. Let children know what your family values are or the School ethos regarding relationships and the way we treat others.

8. Don’t assume all children are heterosexual.

9.Tell them they can always speak to you as a Parent or a trusted adult within School, to ask about things that they have seen/heard and don’t understand (again don’t assume they know this).

10. As a parent keep the channels of communication going, be interested, who are their friends at School? Who are their friends on-line? Make time to talk.

But how do I answer the SEX question?

At BigTalk Education we teach children in schools about reproduction from UK year 4 (age 8) , this includes talking about the bodies of men and women and how a baby is made. To help parents speak to their children about this, in an age appropriate manner, we have created a book for parents and children to read together, called Bodies, Babies and Bellybuttons.  This book is suitable for younger children who are asking questions about where they or babies come from.

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Introduction to age appropriate RSE

Our guide to high quality, age appropriate Relationship & Sex Education for your child, helping you know what to expect from us.

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Bodies, Babies & Bellybuttons

This book is a gentle introduction for children about their bodies and where they come from. A must have for all parents to help answer your children's questions in a simple, understandable and age appropriate way.