Find out about our award winning age appropriate relationship & sex education programme for primary children.  Understand how we can help keep your children safe, happy and healthy.


Our RSE Lessons for Life programme can give you some ideas about what to cover for what year groups. You can see the topics we define as ‘Essential’, as well as new ‘Emerging’ topics we cover to demonstrate how we can help you future proof your curriculum and your student’s resiliance!


Browse our range of Relationship and Sex Education books and school resources. These include resources for parents, carers and educational professionals. We also have specialist resources for SEND and gypsy traveller children and young people. 


Read our frequently asked questions, get tips advice from the experts about talking to your children and much more in our dedicated parents’ zone.

Welcome to BigTalk Education


Our vision is to ensure as many children and young people as possible, receive high quality relationship and sex education, to keep them safe, healthy and happy.


Whether you are a parent, school staff or education professional we want to help you ensure that your children have the best possible age appropriate relationship and sex education.

Please take a look around, we have a dedicated parents section which will give you information on what to expect if we are visiting your child’s school, as well as tips and advice on how to talk to your children about their bodies, relationships and sex.

For educators and professionals working with young people take a look at our courses, in school programmes and the resources in our shop.

We look forward to seeing many of you soon in schools and on our regular courses.

Lynnette Smith – Founder of BigTalk Education

Lynnette Smith

Lynnette Smith

Founder & Managing Director

Lynnette founded BigTalk Education in 2005, and is a qualified teacher, trainer and Sex & Relationship Education specialist. 

For more information on Lynnette’s background, consulting work and media appearences please click the link below.

Autistic Parents' Questions

Looking for information and advice for parents? 

What is age appropriate for children to be told about sex and relationships?

Primary RSE Course

Find out about our award winning Growing Up Safe programme

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Find out about our Lessons for Life secondary school programmes

Sex Education Resources

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Feedback from school staff on BigTalk Education's Growing Up Safe relationship and sex education programme

"This is our second year with the programme and we wanted to roll this out across the whole school. The sessions were thoroughly informative dealing with issues sensitively but openly. The programme covered a lot of ground effectively. Our children are now confident, knowledgeable and will hopeful grow to be respectful adults once again, a great job. Thank you for spending the day with us."

Emma Shaw

Deputy Headteacher, Bedwell Primary School, Stevenage

Really informative session for Year 3, delivered in a nice age appropriate way. Reinforced e-safety messages that we teach in school.” 

Aimee Benson

Assistant Head and Year 3 Class Teacher, Licoln Gardens

"The materials used are at an informative level, without being inappropriate. The language used by the team was at the children's' level so they were able to understand. The children were put at ease, to answer and ask questions. The section on reproduction was very well discussed and paced, to inform the children about sexual relationships, as too were the puberty and period sections. Very good tutors!"

Tracy Brown

Teacher, Priory Lane Community School, Scunthorpe

Our recent school visits

Hayfield Lane Primary School (Doncaster)

Hayfield Lane Primary School (Doncaster)

This was our 3rd visit to Westways Primary School and it was lovely to receive another warm welcome from the parents, carers, staff and pupils. It was great to see what the children had remembered from our previous visits.Staff feedback  "Lots of relevant discussion....

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