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Relationship and Sex Education Books & Resources

Browse our sex education products available for primary and secondary aged children and young people
All the products in the BigTalk Education book and resource shop, are custom designed by our expert team with illustrations drawn by our in house artist Heidi Barnes. Be sure to come back too, as our product portfolio is constantly evolving, to ensure we respond to the needs of the thousands of children we work with across the UK.

Bodies, Babies and Bellybuttons

£9.99 Where did I come from? This book is a gentle introduction for children about their bodies and where they came from. A must have for all parents to help answer your children's questions in a simple way. Great for children of all abilities includes those with...

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Primary Years 2 and 3 Growing Up Safe Cards – Set 2

      £19.99 + VAT The BigTalk Education Growing Up Safe Cards are relationship and sex education resources available for parents, schools and other organisations to buy. They have been designed to offer proactive discussion around helping to keep children safe in...

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Growing Up Safe Cards, Sets 1 and 2

      £39.98 + VAT A complete pack of both sets of BigTalk Education's award winning Growing Up Safe cards (40 in total). The relationship and sex education resources are A4 size, printed in colour and come in a presentation folder. Guidance notes are also included....

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Gypsy Traveller, Growing Up Safe RSE Cards

      £19.99 + VAT Developed in conjunction with the Gypsy Traveller Voice Project, this set of 29 cards for relationship and sex education are adapted to ensure that whilst helping to keep children safe they take into account the unique Gypsy Traveller culture and...

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Is your friend okay? RSE Poster – 1

    £7.99 + VAT Designed for Primary aged children as they are often the first to notice when their friend is acting differently, or maybe having troubles. This school relationship and sex education poster has been created to help children and young people have the...

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Nine Warning Signs of CSE and Abuse. RSE Poster – 2

    £7.99 + VAT As professionals we are often told to look for warning signs of abuse including Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation. This poster covers 9 of the main signs such as changes in behaviour,  mood swings, self-worth, attention seeking etc. and is a...

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Know Your Partners Sexual Past. RSE Poster – 3

    £7.99 + VAT Designed for Secondary Schools and Colleges, this is a colourful and detailed  poster which gives a visual reminder that not all of us have the same values and ideals about partners, relationships and sex. It also gives a graphic example of how easy it...

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How far can your selfie go? RSE Poster – 4

    £7.99 + VAT Produced in conjunction with the Gypsy Traveller Voice Project. Many young people within the Gypsy Traveller Community are unaware of the rapid development of the Internet and the importance of security settings. It highlights how far a 'Selfie' can...

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