Primary Early Years Foundation and Year 1 Growing Up Safe Cards – Set 1

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The BigTalk Education Growing Up Safe Cards are relationship and sex education resources available for parents, schools and other organisations to buy.

This set of 20 cards include relationship and sex education topics such as: 

  • Correct scientific names for main body parts
  • Difference between boys and girls bodies
  • Body confidence and awareness of body privacy
  • Respect for others and their personal space
  • Awareness of inappropriate and/or unacceptable language
  • Positive, respectful relationships (inclusive of same sex)
  • Our bodies and consent
  • Surprises, secrets and safety
  • Socially appropriate playground behaviour
  • Respectful use of the toilets
  • Appropriate / inappropriate, intimate touches to self
  • Appropriate / inappropriate, intimate touches to others
  • Adult media content, recognising this and staying safe
  • Identifying trusted adults
  • Seeking support from trusted adults

They have been designed to offer proactive discussion around helping to keep children safe in potentially risky situations.

The pictures are A4 size, printed in colour and come in a presentation folder. Our guidance notes which are also included have been updated and improved making them even more user friendly.

Please note that the BigTalk Education watermark does not appear on the cards when delivered.

Includes FREE mainland UK post and packaging. For international orders please contact us to arrange payment for additional postage charges.

Schools and other organisations may email or telephone us on 01724 782618 and we will invoice you as we send the cards.

Bodies, Babies and Bellybuttons

Bodies, Babies and Bellybuttons

This book is a gentle introduction for children about their bodies and where they came from. A must have for all parents to help answer your children’s questions in a simple way.

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Feedback from school staff on BigTalk Education's Growing Up Safe relationship and sex education programme

"This is our second year with the programme and we wanted to roll this out across the whole school. The sessions were thoroughly informative dealing with issues sensitively but openly. The programme covered a lot of ground effectively. Our children are now confident, knowledgeable and will hopeful grow to be respectful adults once again, a great job. Thank you for spending the day with us."

Emma Shaw

Deputy Headteacher, Bedwell Primary School, Stevenage

Really informative session for Year 3, delivered in a nice age appropriate way. Reinforced e-safety messages that we teach in school.” 

Aimee Benson

Assistant Head and Year 3 Class Teacher, Licoln Gardens

"The materials used are at an informative level, without being inappropriate. The language used by the team was at the children's' level so they were able to understand. The children were put at ease, to answer and ask questions. The section on reproduction was very well discussed and paced, to inform the children about sexual relationships, as too were the puberty and period sections. Very good tutors!"

Tracy Brown

Teacher, Priory Lane Community School, Scunthorpe

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BigTalk Education's Growing Up Safe Programme

Children want their parents to be the first people to talk to them about growing up, sex and relationships. Yet many parents say they lack confidence to answer their children's questions frankly, Schools are there to help, and BigTalk Education are here to support Schools and Teachers. Members of the BigTalk Team can come into School for a part or whole day, ensuring your children (and you as parents) are well educated to keep them safe, healthy and happy! Find out more > 


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Bodies, Babies & Bellybuttons

This book is a gentle introduction for children about their bodies and where they come from. A must have for all parents to help answer your children's questions in a simple, understandable and age appropriate way.