Barton St Peter's

October 2018

Parents and staff at Barton St Peter’s now have high levels of confidence in talking to the children about relationships, their bodies and reproduction.

Parent feedback

 “Really useful session to attend, wouldn’t have known where to start when our son started to ask questions.  Both my husband and I learnt things and found it extremely useful. Megan & Tim Dent, child in Reception.

 “Good level of information provided and explanations of what children will be told.” Mark Dunk, children in Reception and Year 1 .


Key Facts

  • +21% increase in parents’ confidence, now 97%.
  • +15% increase in staff confidence, now 97%.


Staff feedback

“Great lesson, so relevant to the age group.  Related ‘trusted adult’ in a way that children all understood.Adam Roberts, Teacher Year 4.

 “The handout on tips for parents and school staff is an excellent reminder.  The talk by the staff of ‘Big Talk’ are very professional and the children listened well.” C Blakey, Teaching Assistant Year 4.