Bedwell Primary School

March 2019

This being our third year in Bedwell Primary School the Parents and staff now have high levels of confidence in talking to the children about relationships, their bodies and reproduction.  

Parent feedback

 “Very good presentation, it’s always a nervous time when our kids grow up but reassuring to know they’ll learn the important things about Sex and Relationships in a controlled and safe environment. Mrs Sparrow, child in Year 4.

 “A brilliant thing to teach children, happy for my little girl to learn about this.” Joseph Hales, child in Year 2.


Key Facts

  • +50% increase in parents’ confidence, now 90%.
  • +21% increase in staff confidence, now 87%.


Staff feedback

“These sessions are always well planned, detailed and well taught.  This year has been the same high standard.” Dean  Humber, Teacher Year 2.

“Extremely informative and completely age appropriate for the audience it is intended for.”  Ayesha Collins, Teaching Assistant Year 5.

 “The information provided was really well pitched for the year group and really factual in an easily accessible way.  The way the staff made the students feel comfortable and not embarrassed was fantastic.” M Smith, Teacher Year 3.