Bowmandale Primary School

January 2019

Having worked with Bowmandale Primary School since 2014 it is always nice to return and see some familiar faces. During our visit we witnessed fabulous behaviour from the pupils, we noticed good retention and were delighted with the support we received from the staff, Thank you

Parent feedback

 “Really happy to hear the correct words being used and understand why this is important.  A great presentation lovely to see it start so young, to avoid stigma and embarrassment at a later stage. Kim Franklin, child in Reception.

 “Excellent! Very child friendly, good visuals, clear and concise information.”  J Jackson, child in Reception and Year 5.

“Fantastic! My daughter is only 5 and has not asked too much yet.  It is great to know that they will be able to learn about this subject in a safe and age appropriate way!” Nicole, child in Reception.


Key Facts

  • +24% increase in parents’ confidence, now 92%.
  • +30% increase in staff confidence, now 95%.


Staff feedback

“The ladies were brilliant! Very knowledgeable and delivered the session in a great way.  The children were very engaged and learnt a lot.  It also helped me feel better about answering any questions they might have.Jessica Dent, Teacher Year 3.

“The session was delivered calm and informative for the children.  It was very interactive and the children enjoyed joining in whilst learning new information.” P Wilkinson, Teacher EYFS.

 “A lovely delivery of important messages.  Knowledgeable staff members delivered the programme clearly.  The children were really engaged and learnt a lotJessica Dent, Teaching Assistant Year 4.