Brigg Primary School

September 2018

It was our third year visiting Brigg Primary School and it was great to meet some of the parents of the younger children in the school who came along for the first time. Confidence levels of teaching staff and parents have been consistently high which is great!

Parent feedback

 “The content and delivery methods of the children’s lessons was explained really clearly and it was useful to find out why certain information is included.” Emma Watkinson, children in Year 3 and 6.  

Well delivered presentation, nice to see the pictures that will be used during the BigTalk sessions with the children.” R Davidson, children in reception and Year 1.

Really interesting session, feeling more confidence in supporting my daughters learning in this area” Lisa Thidale, child in reception.

Key Facts

  • +28% increase in parents’ confidence, now 92%.
  • +21% increase in staff confidence, now 94%.


Staff feedback

“Really education session. I believe the children have learnt a lot from the session. I think they will be more confident talking to a trusted adult now. Thank you.S. Birkett, Year 4 teacher.  

The lesson was well conducted and informative. Clear information for pupils to understand. Pupils felt confident to ask questions.” Mrs Howe, Year 5 teacher.