Dringhouses Primary School

October 2019

We had a good turn out of parents during our first visit to Dringhouses Primary in York and the reception we had was great from both parents and staff alike. Several of the parents bought copies of our book Bodies, Babies and Bellybuttons which reassures us that they are  keen to ensure they continue the conversations started by our team during the Growing Up Safe sessions at home.

Parent feedback

 “Excellent to hear this. The content and objectives for the age at which information is delivered really helped my understanding. Delivered with warmth, clarity and positivity :-).” Catherine Whitelam, children ages 6 & 8 .

 “Surprised how thorough and detailed the information is for the children. Very impressed and a great help for parents.” Lesley Charlson, child in Year 4.

“Really useful, thank you! My Daughter has been asking how babies are made and I have been putting her off but feel better equipped to have the talk now.” Kirsty Hanson, child in Year 2. 

Key Facts

  • +24% increase in parents’ confidence, now 90%.
  • +28% increase in staff confidence, now 95%.


Staff feedback

“Excellent session that was very well pitched. It didn’t shy away from the use of scientific words or difficult circumstances yet was done in an accessible, fun way.” Claire Scott- South, Deputy Head Teacher.

 “I have been so impressed with today from start to finish. Delivered at exactly the right level. ” Mary-Kate Swiers, Assistant Head Teacher.