Ebor Gardens Primary Academy

April 2022
It was so nice to return to Ebor Gardens for a second visit. We were made to feel very welcome by both the pupils and school staff and it was great to see how much the children had remembered from our last visit.

Staff feedback

 “Informative and detailed. This has grown my confidence to answer questions and support children where needed, thank you!.” Charlotte Hughes, Year 4 Teacher.

 “Very clear explanations, was able to answer children questions appropriately. The content covered all aspects to ensure children know what is ok and what is not and how to keep themselves safe” Louise Burley , Year 2 Teacher.

“The lesson went through everything that children need to know. Children were at ease and therefore confident in answering questions.” Natalie Iredale, Year 6 Teacher. 

“This was delivered in a professional way but still used dialect that the children would understand. the children were engaged and sensible because of this.” Harry Waugh, Year 4 Teacher. 



Key Facts

  • This was our 2nd visit to Ebor Gardens Primary Academy.
  • School staff are very supportive in the delivery of RSE helping to keep their pupils healthy and safe.