Eye C of E Primary School

April 2018
Travelling down to Peterborough to visit Eye Primary is always a pleasure and this year was no exception. It is fabulous to have 100% parent confidence in speaking to their children about relationships, their bodies and reproduction.

Parents’ feedback

“Really informative, but importantly it is age appropriate, very happy with it.” Stacey, child in Reception. “Very informative feel happier knowing what my daughter will be learning which will support my reactions in future.” Jennifer Elmore, child in Reception.

Key Facts

  • +39% increase in parents’ confidence, now 100%!!!
  • +32% increase in staff confidence, now 90%.

Staff feedback

“Really thorough with correct level of detail for this age. Great to see constant referral to scientific language. Thank you!” Anne Faux, Teacher.  “High quality delivery which is completely age appropriate, also includes e-safety, transgender, gay, lesbian – essential knowledge.” Laura Brough, Assistant Head.  “Helpful and informative, told in a way that makes the children feel comfortable.” Gemma Scane, Teacher.
BigTalk Education were awarded the prestigious 2017 Pamela Sheridan Award for innovation and good practice in relationships and sex education.