Howden Junior School

May 2024

This was our 10th Year visiting Howden Junior School and each visit is always a pleasure.  Its great to see what the pupils remember and to have the opportunity to build upon their existing knowledge in line with their development. The knowledge they receive all helps to keep them healthy, safe and happy. 

Staff feedback

“The visuals were appropriate for our cohort and the repetition of the vocabulary meant the children felt included. Really important emphasis on trusted adults and different realistic scenarios. Really well delivered, thank you!”
Miss J Wilson, Year 1 Teacher.

“Fabulous delivery as always. Children knew a lot from previous years. ”
J Greenhalgh, Year 6 Teacher.

“An excellent, honest presentation. Great that the children have the chance to ask questions and that the messages they get from school are reinforced. Allowing children to write down questions creates a wonderful, safe environmemnt. Thank you!  
Mr G Johnson
, Year 6 Teacher.

Key Fact

  • BigTalk have supported Howden Junior School in the delivery of quality RSE for 10 years helping to keep their children healthy, safe and happy.