Howden Junior School

May 2018
The parents’ at Howden Junior’s are always incredibly engaged and this year was no exception, with over 20 attending this years’ parents session. Staff’s self assessment in confidence took a huge leap this year with confidence more than doubling.

Parents’ feedback

“Excellent session, it has been good to see what the children will be taught. It has prepared me better for questions at home.” Katherine Richards, child in Year 4. “I’m happy that my child will be given the chance to hear the talk, and know that everyone in his year, his peers will be receiving the same information. That will help reassure him that this is factual and a topic to be comfortable to talk with his peers as well as us parents.” Nicola Neal, child in Year 5.

Key Facts

  • +49% increase in parents’ confidence, now 91%
  • +230% increase in staff confidence, now 93%.

Staff feedback

“A superb presentation with clear, age appropriate information. I could not recommend this highly enough.” Miss N Starkey, Year 4 Teacher.  “Very informative – updated from last year. Calm approach with good explanations. Question time helped children express themselves.” D Thompson, Teacher.  “Very clear presentation, just the right amount of interaction. Excellent safeguarding content.” Mary Hardgrave, Year 6 Teacher.
BigTalk Education were awarded the prestigious 2017 Pamela Sheridan Award for innovation and good practice in relationships and sex education.