Howden Junior School

April 2023

We have been working with Howden Juniors since 2015 which is really evident when working with their children. They have a high levels of confidence in talking about relationships, their bodies and risky situations which is a great basis for keeping them safe. The teachers and parents are also ver supportive of the work we do. 

Parent feedback

 “Nice to know what other people/teachers are telling them so I know what to say as-well.
J Durkin
, children ages 4,5&9.

Staff feedback

“Very appropriately addressed. Great presence within the class. All pupils were engaged. Allowed for pupils to ask questions with confidence and anonymity .Rebecca Jackson, Teacher Year 4.

 “A very thorough talk and very easy for the children to understand. Informative and appropriate for the age group.” D Giles, Teaching Assistant, Year 6 .



Key Facts

  • BigTalk have worked with Howden Juniors for 7 years.
  • Staff confidence in RSE has grown and parents are supportive of our visits.