Intake Primary Academy

October 2018

It was our first year at Intake and it was fabulous to be asked back for next year at the end of the day, due to excellent staff feedback! The parents session was lively and involved parents from different countries and cultures, which created lots of interesting discussion.

Parent feedback

 “Very helpful, easy to understand. It makes me feel more confident talking to my girls about it.” Gemma Marshall, children in Years 4 and 5.

 “I found it very informative and helpful with how to discuss these subjects with my son. My son is very inquisitive with bodies and always asks questions. Now I feel confident in how to answer him properly.” Amy Mistry, child in Year 5.

Key Facts

  • +80% increase in parents’ confidence, now 90%.
  • +70% increase in staff confidence, now 90%.


Staff feedback

“Our children all engaged. The session was delivered professionally and sensitively. Very informative session which will help keep children safe.Bekki Harvey, Assistant Principal.

 “A friendly relaxed session. The team made the children very comfortable. The “giggles” at the start of the session were dealt with appropriately and the boys quickly settled down. The boys listened attentively and clearly.” Tracey Bailer, Teacher.

 “Fab session, clear and well matched to the children’s levels. Friendly session leaders who made the children feel comfortable.” Mrs Read, Teacher.