John Harrison Church of England Primary

September 2018

The confidence of the teaching staff was already strong at 81% when we came this year, which is great to see as this was our sixth year of delivering the Growing Up Safe Whole School Approach. Despite it being one of our longest standing schools on the programme its was brilliant to see such high parental engagement with 16 attending our parents’ session.

Parent feedback

 “This was very reassuring, as a mother I was more at ease as to what you are going to discuss with my son, great presentation.” Wendy Baldwin, child in Year 5.  

With our two boys I have been concerned about talking to them as we are a same sex couple. But now I feel supported by school and have a great book resource. Thank you.” J. E. Leigtning, children in Year 3 and 6.

Excellent presentation and very informative, as a grandparent it made me feel that I was discussing things appropriately with my grandchildren.” Andrea Monroe, grandchild in Year 5.

Key Facts

  • +51% increase in parents’ confidence, now 91%.
  • +15% increase in staff confidence, now 94%.


Staff feedback

“Age appropriate talk with lots of time to give the children chance to think. Easy for them to respond with thumbs up and down.Emily Morrell, Reception teacher.

I have observed several BigTalk Education sessions with different year groups – they have all been great! Thank you!” S. Brown, Year 4 teacher.