Kirk Sandall Junior School

March 2022
It is good to have a second visit to Kirk Sandall Junior School and even though it has been a challenging 12 months it was good to see that the children had retained so much information from our last visit. With this being a Junior school we are able to do the vital ground work in this subject to help keep them safe as they go up to Secondary School.


Staff feedback

” I thought the delivery was brilliant. All children were engaged and respected and all adults were professional.” Amy Northwood, Year 4 Teacher, PSHE Lead.

“The information was delivered in a child friendly manner. The teachers were very welcoming and approachable, as a result the children felt comfortable to ask questions. Year 6 Teacher.

 “Brilliant delivery of important information.
Thank you.” Lucy McCann, Year 3 Teacher

Key Facts

  • This was our second visit to Kirk Sandall Junior School.