Lincoln Gardens Primary School

September 2018

It was our fourth year visiting Lincoln Gardens, so great to see high levels of confidence from staff and parents.  Due to the continued support from the staff and parents we were pleased to lead two parent sessions, both with excellent representation from across the school.

Parent feedback

 “I like the variety of information that is covered including transgender and homosexual relationships.  I think it is very important for  boys to learn about girls and how to respect them. Emma Hartley, child in Year 6.

 “The Presentation was really informative.  Pleasing to know that both my children will be learning age appropriate information and that it is conducted in a simple and fun format.” Karen Dunn, children in Year 1 and Year 5.

“Helpful content, presented in a simple and fun way for our children to understand. A great way to give our children knowledge and safety.” Andrew Dunn, children in Year 1 and Year 5.

Key Facts

  • +32% increase in parents’ confidence, now 92%.
  • +15% increase in staff confidence, now 83%.


Staff feedback

“The lesson was well pitched for the children and their level.  The open nature of the talk was refreshing and just what the children of today need. Thank you. C Jackson, Assistant Head.

 “Very informative for the children to understand the scientific names and for them to understand who can and cannot see their private parts.  Nice for the children to be involved in the activities.” Gemma Eddleston, Teacher Year 2.

The lesson was very age appropriate for the children.  It was very well delivered and the children were very engaged.” Debbie Lonsdale, Learning Facilitator, Year 1.