Morton Trentside Primary School

June 2018
One of the aims of Morton Trentside Primary School is “to develop every individual so they have the skills, attributes and understanding required to make positive decisions about their lives.” By equipping their pupils with the knowledge from our Growing Up Safe programme the school is assisting every pupil in making positive decisions to keep them safe, healthy and happy.

Parent feedback

 “Very good; so important to keep our children safe. Thank you.” Claire, child in Year 4.

Staff feedback

“Very informative and professionally delivered. Questions were answered sensitively.A Baldock, Teaching Assistant.

Key Facts

  • +23% increase in parents’ confidence, now 97%.
  • +15% increase in staff confidence, now 70%.

 BigTalk Education were awarded the prestigious 2017 Pamela Sheridan Award for innovation and good practice in relationships and sex education.