Naburn Church of England Primary School

February 2022

We were invited to visit Naburn for the first time by the Head Teacher who had experienced BigTalk in his previous school. We received a warm welcome from the staff and and an enthusiastic group of parents. The children were attentive learners and welcomed the team showing enthusiasm for the sessions.

Parent feedback

 “Very clear information and good to hear how it is trained so we can continue in the same vein at home. Joanne Buckley, child age 9.

 “Good level of information provided and explanations of what children will be told.” Olga Kalogeraki-Georgakaki, child age 6.

 “Great to get the children engaged in these topics  and help parents to navigate it!” Louise Bamford, child age 8.


Key Facts

  • This was our first visit to Naburn C of E Primary.
  • The parent engagement was fantastic!


Staff feedback

“A really good session perfectly delivered to allow children to listen and ask questions. Illustrations are fantastic to explain..Andrea Mann, Year 4,5 &6 HLTA.

 “Very clear, concise information presented in a thoughtful, age-appropriate manner. A lovely session, thank you.” Katie Wood, Reception and Year 1 Teacher.

 “Thank you. This was really well delivered, informative and appropriate sessions which children from all age groups were clearly engaged with and interested in” Julie Noble, KS2 Teacher .