Norton Junior School

February 2023

Another warm welcome was received from the staff, parents and pupils at Norton Junior School.  This is our 8th visit in 8 years and it is great to see how much the children always remember from our previous visits. It is great to hear the pupils talk about body science and puberty without embarrassment.

Parent feedback

 “Thank you fro giving me the opportunity to learn what my children are going to learn in school. It is good to know so we can continue the same conversations at home.  Keeley Waterton, Children Ages 4 & 7.

 “Very confident with what will be discussed with the children. I feel it is appropriate for my child.” Carina Goodwin, Child Age 4.

 “The presentation was very informative. It has made me feel a lot more confident dealing with any questions my child may have.” Joanne Smith, Child Age 9.

 “Excellent presentation and appreciate the great work you do with children and schools. Looking forward to talking to my son further after he has attended the session.” Sharon Poole, Child Age 9.

Staff feedback

 “I think the delivery of the lesson was very good and kept all the children engaged. There were a lot of very important parts but were presented very well to the age group so they clearly understood.” Charlotte Evans, Year 5 Teaching Assistant.

 “Very informative and pitched perfectly for the age group. Interactive and all girls fully engaged.” Layla Anderton, Year 5 Teaching Assistant.

 “Really personable, informative and age appropriate. Great pace and interactive to keep engagement going.” Valentina T, Teacher.


Key Facts

  • Staff are very supportive of the schools RSE Programme which is of great benefit to the pupils as they are not embarrassed to talk about puberty and body science.