Oakfield Primary School

October 2022

BigTalk have been visiting this school annually for 9 years which is evident in the pupils knowledge of their bodies and keeping safe. The staff have high levels of confidence in talking to the children about relationships, their bodies and reproduction which is fantastic! We look forward to returning next year.

Staff feedback

 “Very clear information given at an age appropriate level. Reassuring for the children and reasons given for why they are receiving information. Lynsey Lowry, Teacher Year 4.

Brilliant Session, appropriate for age. All children were engaged in the session. Helpful and supportive, thank you!.” Georgina East, Teacher  Year 1 .

Great session. All girls felt comfortable in the session. Happy to listen and ask questions, able to answer questions because of being part of the sessions each year ” L.Selby, Teaching Assistant Year 6 .


Key Facts

  • BigTalk have visited this school every year for 9 years.

  • Staff are confident in speaking to children about their bodies.