Oakhill Primary Academy

May 2024

This is our 4th visit to Oakhill Primary Academy and we received another warm welcome from the staff and parents. The pupils were a pleasure to work with and had retained lots of information from our previous visits which is great. We look forward to returning next year and continuing to build upon their existing knowledge.


Parent feedback

“I found this very age appropriate and I am happy for my son to be learning this .”
L Firth, child age 5 .

“Very age appropriate. Good to know that there is opportunity to ask questions.” 
F Saga
, children ages 5, 6 & 11.

“Well presented and age appropriate. It makes it easier to answer any questions my son has afterwards” S Mcloughlin, child age 9 .

Key Facts

  • BigTalk have supported Oakhill Primary Academy in the delivery of quality RSE for 5 Years.


Staff feedback

“The ladies were very professional and passed on the knowledge well. All pupils were engaged
M Smith, Year 3 Teacher.

“Fabulous session for reception class. Very appropriate content. Very engaging staff! Wonderful!”
P Edwards, Designated Safeguarding Lead.