Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe

February 2023

We are always greeted with such a warm welcome from both the staff and  pupils at Oasis Academy.  This is our 5th visit in 5 years and it is great to see the retention of existing knowledge from our previous visits. Their knowledge of RSE is great and their confidence to talk about their bodies without embarrassment is also good to see. We look forward to next year!


Staff feedback

 “An amazing, brilliantly pitched, relevant delivery which included all the information needed. The children were engaged throughout. Thank you Sean Loche, Teacher.

 “The ladies that deliver the lesson have a fantastic manner with the children. They are extremely knowledgeable and answered any questions with great clarity.” Rachel Winfarrah, Teacher.


Key Facts

  • Staff are very supportive of the schools RSE Programme which is of great benefit to the pupils as they are not embarrassed to talk about puberty and body science.