Parkgate House School

October 2018

After several visits to Parkgate  House School it was great to see lots of the children from year 1 now in year 6 and ready to move on. Seeing how their confidence in discussing the relevant topics in Relationship and Sex Education has grown, was really encouraging.

Parent feedback

 “Really good talk, useful to know what you are doing.  Really good feedback from my children in previous years.” Sierya Gupta-Wright, child in Year 1 and Year 6.

 “Very well delivered in a very clear manner. Thank  you.” Laura Miller, children in nursery, Year 4.


Key Facts

  • +30% increase in parents’ confidence, now 91%.
  •  Staff confidence has doubled, now 97%.


Staff feedback

“As always, completely informative and covered everything appropriate for the class.  Very good having the addition of mobile phone usage and some reflective points to e-safety.” Claire Robertson, Head of Prep.

 “Claire was very softly spoken which engaged the children. She was very informative and addresses children’s thoughts and questions in a kind and fair way.  Really lovely and interesting session, thank you! ” Cara Thompson, Year 1 Teacher.

“The information given was clear and appropriate for the children’s age.  The children felt very comfortable and confident to ask any questions.” Lara Smiles, Year 1 Teacher.