Sandringham Primary School

July 2023

Having worked with Sandringham Primary for the last 5 years the staff now have high levels of confidence in talking to the children about relationships, their bodies and reproduction. The children are comfortable using scientific language and happy to ask questions about their bodies and staying safe.

Staff feedback

 “Really appropriate to the year group and nice build up to introduce the different aspects of the talk. Really Friendly and aimable BigTalk women who did a good job of livening up a tough crowd. useful. J Mancey, VP/Teacher Year 6.

 “Age appropriate and really interactive. Helen delivered it clearly and pupils responded well. “
S. Waterland Dunk
, Teacher Year 2 .

My first time listening to “BigTalk”. I was very impressed with the professionalism and the way the session was delivered. The class loved it and were engaged. “
A.Milne, Higher Level Teaching Assistant Year 4 .


Key Facts

  • Regular RSE delivery gives children the confidence to speak about their bodies without embarrassment.