Scartho Junior Academy

March 23

We received our 3rd warm welcome from the staff and children at Scartho Junior Academy this year. The children moving up from the infants are remembering what they have learnt in previous years and are showing that they are keen to build on this and further develop their learning in the Junior School. 

Staff feedback

 “Very  clear, confident and precise delivery of the important relationships detail. An excellent presentation. Thank you! Paul Morton, Teacher.

 “Great speaker, always listening to students questions, keeping their attention with humour. Very informative” C Harns, Supply Teacher.

“Excellent delivery by both ladies. Explained everything very clearly and used lots of pictures/slides to help the children understand each stage. Liked how the children could ask questions at the end if they wanted to” 
S High, Teaching Assistant.


Key Facts

  • This is our 3rd successful visit to Scartho Junior Academy.
  • The staff are comfortable talking to the children about puberty and their bodies which is great.