Scunthorpe C of E

May 2018
Scunthorpe C of E is one of our most diverse schools, situated in the town centre and home to over 20 nationalities. The teaching and support staff are incredibly supportive, having worked with the BigTalk Education team for over 4 years through the Growing Up Safe : Whole School Approach programme as well as specialist courses.  Congratulations to the team at Scunthorpe C of E for achieving 100% parent confidence!

Parents’ feedback

“The talk is very informative and good to understand what my child will be listening to. Will be expecting a lot of questions when they come home from this talk.” Elizabeth Rahman, child in Reception. “That was really great. As a single parent, I think it was so helpful for me. It would be really good for my kids to attend the session and know about all these important things what is slowly coming on their life.” Rfah Chowdbury, children in year 2, 3, 4 and Reception.

Key Facts

  • +22% increase in parents’ confidence, now 100%!!!
  • +27% increase in staff confidence, now 95%.

Staff feedback

“I cannot believe how much my class remembered. I’ve been with my class two years I’ve seen just how much [the Growing Up Safe programme] works. They have remembered so much! Today has revised their memory. Thank you!” C Proud, Teacher.Brilliantly delivered in a way the child can understand and relate to lots of important subjects advised.” Aaron Rusit, Teacher  
BigTalk Education were awarded the prestigious 2017 Pamela Sheridan Award for innovation and good practice in relationships and sex education.