St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School

February 2019

Parents and staff at Sir Francis Xavier now feel more confident in talking to the children about relationships, their bodies and reproduction.

Parent feedback

 “The session was fantastic, what a great way of educating our children. I am really pleased you are bringing this subject into main stream school.  Keep it up, great work! Claire and Wayne Martin, child in Year 5.

 “A very good presentation, giving us more knowledge and confidence how to talk to our children about this subject.  Thank you.” Louise Kunkindi, child in Year 4.


Key Facts

  • +18% increase in parents’ confidence, now 92%.
  • +50% increase in staff confidence, now 78%.


Staff feedback

“Great lesson, very respectful of the school ethos and values.  Cleverly explained all the necessary facts.”   M Jamier, Teacher Year 2.

 “Delivered well and professionally.  Confidence on delivering the lesson made the topic less embarrassing.” Shenna Rybka, Teacher Year 4.

“The staff were very confident answering children’s questions about the body and relationships.  I think it is really important to teach the correct name for parts of the body from a young age.” Beata Cholewol, TA FS1.