St Marie's Catholic Primary School

July 2018
It was great to see the 30 parents and guardians that came along to our parents year at St Marie’s Catholic Primary School in Sheffield. We met some parents whose children were new to the school, as well as some we had met before that came along for a refresher on how to talk to their children about keeping safe, their bodies and reproduction.

Parents’ feedback

“Very useful. So comprehensive and complete that [the parents talk] left me with no questions! Thank you.” Ana Santiago, Parent. “The presentation was very good, very clear and straight to the point. Easy to follow and very happy about the stages of the topics done according to age groups.” Elizabeth Mwakawamfurs, Parent.  

Key Facts

  • +50% increase in parents’ confidence, now 87%.
  • +35% increase in teachers’ confidence, now 97%.

Teachers’ feedback

“Very clear presentation. Great class control – silly responses or lack of attention were dealt with quickly and firmly. Children were praised for good responses and behaviour. Very clear information given in a very positive way.” Ms Armstrong, Teacher.

BigTalk Education Case Studies

Pocklington School

It was our second year visiting Pocklington School and it was great to see great parent engagement with 21 parents attending our evening session. Parent's confidence levels were excellent following the session with 94% feeling happier to talk to their children about...

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Hadrian Academy – September 2018

As our first school of the academic year, it is always lovely to visit our friends at Hadrian's Academy in Dunstable, yet again this year we had a fabulous turn out of over 40 parents and staff at the parents' session. Parents' feedback "Excellent session, it has been...

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John Harrison Church of England Primary

The confidence of the teaching staff was already strong at 81% when we came this year, which is great to see as this was our sixth year of delivering the Growing Up Safe Whole School Approach. Despite it being one of our longest standing schools on the programme its...

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Brigg Primary School

It was our third year visiting Brigg Primary School and it was great to meet some of the parents of the younger children in the school who came along for the first time. Confidence levels of teaching staff and parents have been consistently high which is great! Parent...

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St Joseph’s Retford

The increases in confidence we saw from teaching staff and parents were phenomenal in our first visit to St Joseph's in Retford.  Parent feedback  "Friendly and approachable deliverers. Good presentation and visuals to accompany the talk. I feel confident and happy...

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Enfield Academy of New Waltham – July 2018

This year was our first visit to Enfield Academy and it was great to see such positive increases in staff confidence as a result, thank you to everyone in school for making us so welcome. Parents' feedback "Very informative, I didn't know what to expect, but now I...

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Saint Augustine Webster – June 2018

It was great to see that the levels of confidence of staff and parents had remained high from our first visit last year at Saint Augustine Webster, now in the high 90s following our second visit. Parents' feedback "Very informative and interesting, glad to know this...

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Yarborough Academy – June 2018

Visiting Yarborough Academy for the first time, our team received a warm welcome with 20 parents and carers attending our parents meeting along with all teaching staff. Parent confidence in talking to their children about keeping safe rising by 24% and staff...

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