St Peter's Catholic Primary School

September 2023

We have been visiting this Catholic school for 6 years and we are always given a warm reception by both staff and pupils. The children responded well and showed that they had remembered the content of previous sessions by answering the questions raised and participating in the sessions.

Staff feedback

 “Thank you for an engaging and age appropriate session. The children understood the key messages and they were actively engaged. The delivery of the session was very clear and well structured. ” 
L Brewster, Deputy Head & Teacher

 “Very informative presentation that was straight to the point and children were engaged.” 
Katy Peters, Year 3 Teaching Assistant

 “Excellent clear delivery. Responded brilliantly to the children. Thank you!” 
Simone Peavey, Year 4 Teacher.

Key Facts

  • We have supported St Peter’s with RSE delivery for 6 Years which is evident as the children have the confidence to discuss subjects around RSE.