St Peter's Catholic Primary School

September 2018

We met 38 parents during our first visit to St Peter’s Catholic Primary in Doncaster and the reception we had was fantastic from both parents and staff alike. Many of the parents bought copies of our book Bodies, Babies and Bellybuttons as they were keen to ensure they were continuing the conversations started by our team during the Growing Up Safe sessions at home.

Parent feedback

 “Great idea, should have been implemented years ago! Nice relaxed delivery, very good.” Andrew Goodland, child in Year 1.

 “The presentation was excellently given and the way in which the information is presented was extremely good, in a manner easy and relaxed enough for children to understand.” Mrs K Kent, children in nursery, Year 5 and Year 6.

Really enjoyed the talk, very informative, clear, can see how children can relate to this, very age appropriate.” Fiona Butler, child in Year 1. 

Key Facts

  • +23% increase in parents’ confidence, now 97%.
  • +15% increase in staff confidence, now 70%.

Staff feedback

“Excellent session covering staying safe, the reproductive system and puberty. Pitched at the right level for years 5 and 6. The feedback I received from our staff about the structure and content of the sessions has been extremely positive.” Mrs Young, Deputy Head.  “An excellent session, putting the boys at ease, dealing with the giggles well and delivering essential information in a fun and fact filled way. ” Steve Dent, Year 5 and 6 Teacher.