Thorne Kind Edward Primary School

April 2022

Thorne King Edward have shown their dedication to ensuring their children receive the highest level of RSE by employing the support of BigTalk Education for the last 7 years. When working with their children it is clear that we have been visiting them for so many years as they are very knowledgeable when it comes to RSE and how to keep safe.


Staff feedback

 “Thank you. Lots of information covered in a child friendly manner. Questions were answered in a clear way. The power point was great for the children to see in an age appropriate way. Kim Row, Year 4 Teacher.

 “Fantastic as always.” Claire Bisset, Teaching Assistant, Year 5/6.

“Good delivery at an appropriate level for the class/year group. Dealt with all comments and questions confidently and clearly.” Kerry Allsopp, Deputy Head. 

Key Facts

  • Primary RSE is vital in ensuring all young people have the opportunity to explore and learn about healthy relationships.