West Grantham Academy St John's

April 2018
During our session with parent’s at St John’s we saw confidence levels double. With confidence levels above 90% for both parents and staff, the work we have done in school will be supported throughout the year.

Parents’ feedback

“I feel more confident that the decisions I’ve made regarding the way’s I’ve answered questions so far, but I also now know how to address some of the questions I’ve been waiting to hear. I was really very pleased to see the inclusion of trans issues and LGBT families.” Suzanne Davison-Allottt, child in Year 2.

Key Facts

  • +125% increase in parents’ confidence, now 90%.
  • +55% increase in staff confidence, now 93%.

Staff feedback

“Calm caring and professional delivery of information to the children in an easy to understand way. Really good images which illustrates the talk really well.” Zoe Phillps, Teacher.  “A very child friendly, informative session. The children were very engaged and understood the concepts well. Very professional and pictures used well to support.” Amy Cook, Teacher
BigTalk Education were awarded the prestigious 2017 Pamela Sheridan Award for innovation and good practice in relationships and sex education.