Westways Primary School

November 2023

This was our 3rd visit to Westways Primary School and it was lovely to receive another warm welcome from the parents, carers, staff and pupils. It was great to see what the children had remembered from our previous visits.

Parent feedback

 “Great to see exactly what he’ll be taught so that we can build on it at home.  
Anonymous Parent, child aged 4.

“Very useful and well presented. Good Length/Depth.” James Chisholm, child aged 6.

“It was good learning about the age appropriate content.” Mohammad Arif, children ages 3 and 6.

Key Fact

  • BigTalk worked with over 40,000 pupils and young people in the 2022/23 educational year. Helping to keep them healthy, safe and happy. 


Staff feedback

“Very professional women who dealt with the children’s misconceptions. Thank you for educating our children 🙂 Samantha Webster, Reception Teacher 

The lady delivering was very calm, very understanding and the children felt at ease.”
D Millins, Year 6 Teacher.

“Clear delivery of the session. Supportive towards children’s answers. Reinforced use of correct science language in “body science” lesson to reduce the laughter at hearing some of the terns.”
Steve Coles, Year 3 Teacher.