Barton St Peter's

October 2018

Parents and staff at Barton St Peter’s now have high levels of confidence in talking to the children about relationships, their bodies and reproduction.

Parent feedback

 “Found it really useful and am now aware how much my children will be learning about the topic and how I can converse with them age appropriately at home. Jessica Rodgers, children ages 5, 7 & 10.

 “Thought the presentation was very informative. Put my mind at rest for what my granddaughter was going to be told.” S.Long, Granddaughter Age 3 .

Key Facts

  • This was our second visit to Westwoodside C of E Primary Academy


Staff feedback

“Excellent and Informative. Pitched at the right level. Would recommend – Thank you!Jayne Thomson, Teacher Year 5/6.

 “Just the right level for reception children. The lady was good with the children and happy to listen to them.”
Anonymous, Teaching Assistant, Reception.

 “Great – the use of the drawings delivered the message to the little ones in a way that they can see without being embarrassed/shocked/upset. I thought the way it was delivered with 2 adults was good, breaking it up nicely.”Teacher, Year 1.