Wilberfoss C of E Primary School

April 2019

This was our first visit to Wilberfoss Primary School. Our team were made to feel very welcome by Kris Henderson, the Head Teacher and his Staff. We met with 33 parents, many of whom fed back their views on the importance of our Growing Up Safe Programme and the need for scientific words for body parts to be used, which is just fantastic! We hope to return next year to further develop the foundations which we have laid.

Parent feedback

 “The content seems thorough and child friendly. I am glad that this is being taught in schools and welcome the use of the correct scientific names for body parts.” Tracey Dinashi, child in Year 1.

 “This is very age appropriate and well delivered.” Christina Vilner, child in Year 6.

Very clear and well presented, very eye opening to see the statistics and glad there is an accompanying book to help at home. Thank you!” Louisa James, child in Year 4.

Key Facts

  • +20% increase in parents’ confidence, now 90%.
  • +28% increase in staff confidence, now 94%.


Staff feedback

“A very clearly presented session that was delivered with confidence. The staff leading the session made the children feel at ease and comfortable enough to ask questions.” Mrs Brennan, Deputy Head.

 “Very age appropriate, simple and easy to access. Children were engaged and it was explained well. Topics covered in such a child friendly way. Thank you! ” Charlotte Pembleton, F2 Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher.