Woodlands Primary School

September 2018

This was our second visit to Woodlands Primary. The warm reception received by our staff was appreciated! Both Parents and Teachers were very complimentary of our delivery and it was nice to hear that the children had remembered some much of what they had learnt from our last visit.

Parent feedback

 “Very informative, pitched just right.  Like the fact they have an ask it basket, which is anonymous. Helen Bradshaw, child in Year 5.

 “Great session and I feel the parent session enables parents to provide consistent information and guidance to our children.” Amy Thorndike, child in Year 4.

“Found the presentation really interesting and I now feel more confident about speaking to my son.  Presentation delivered brilliantly!”.  Rebecca Hughes, child in Year 3.


Key Facts

  • +19% increase in parents’ confidence, now 100%.
  • +22% increase in staff confidence, now 88%.


Staff feedback

“Great lesson, Really clear and purposeful for the children.  the children were really engaged.  Presentation illustrations ensured the children understood the situations.Beth Robinson, Teacher Year 1.

 “Pitched well and the children were really engaged.  Appropriate language and content for the age of the children.”
J Adams, Teacher Year 3.