Wrawby St Mary's Church of England Primary School

January 2024

We first started supporting Wrawby St Mary’s with the delivery of their RSE in 2015 and each time we visited we are greeted with the same warm welcome. The children are comfortable  discussing topics around RSE which is great for their confidence and helps to keep them safe.


Staff feedback

Very well presented, the children were comfortable and confident with the conversational approach.” 
Sarah Robinson, Year 3 Class Teacher

“Very informative, great coverage and questions answered well. Was very reassuring for those with questions.” 
Megan Balderson, Year 4 Class Teacher

“I thought it was interesting myself. First BigTalk for me since qualifying as a teacher, given me some knowledge to know for KS2 Sex Ed Talk. Thank you. Lovely team.” 
Kari Yarsley, Supply Teacher.

Key Fact

  • Quality RSE is vital in ensuring children remain happy, healthy and safe.