Talk Education supports Parents and Schools in their delivery of Relationship Education in numerous Schools across the Country.

We ALWAYS meet with Parents beforehand as Parents appreciate the support given and being able to ask questions either generally or about their own child’s needs or situation.

With the younger children in School the emphasis is on safety, they learn

  • That parts of the body are private
  • Correct terms for genitalia
  • About privacy
  • Appropriate and inappropriate behaviour
  • Appropriate/Inappropriate touch e.g. Doctors/Nurses as apposed to unwanted touches from other children.
  • Who are their “Trusted Adults” where they can get help if something is not right

 Good RSE does not

  • Teach children how to masturbate
  • Encourage children to touch themselves.
  • Make children feel ashamed for touching themselves

 Good RSE does

  • Teach children that their body is their own,
  • Teach children that they have rights and responsibilities regarding their body and other people’s bodies

 Lynnette Smith, Founder of BigTalk Education

23rd September 2019

About the Author – Lynnette Smith

MD & Founder

Lynnette Smith is the MD and Founder of BigTalk Education, she is also the Chair of the National Children’s Bureau’s Sex Education Forum Advisory Group.

Lynnette has a background in Youth & Community Work; she is also a qualified Teacher, Trainer and Specialist Relationship & Sex Education Trainer having worked in the field of SRE since the early ’90s. She has worked for several Authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber Region before setting up BigTalk Education in 2005. Find out more about Lynnette Smith. Carry on the conversation at…