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Coming soon our book on Puberty, with information for children and their parents, grandparents and carers


"Bodies, Babies and Belly Buttons"For Parents & Children aged 4+

Written at the request of parents this book is an easy starting point for Parents/Carers to begin the “BigTalk” This book is designed to help and guide you through the process. In a storybook format designed to share with your child, it also has added guidance notes for the adult at the base of each page.

It contains vital information for Parenting in the 21st Century amidst our communication and technological revolution. Parents need to be proactive if they want to provide their children with a moral framework, passing on personal values as well as the biology. Many parents want to do this but perhaps don’t know where to start. In this book Lynnette Smith has tackled a sensitive subject appropriately due to her vast amount of practical knowledge in this subject area. 

This is the first of the BigTalk Made Easy Series, covering the transitions from Tots to Teens, helping Parents and Carers to stay one step ahead.

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BigTalk Primary Cards "Growing up safe"

The BigTalk Education “Growing Up Safe” Cards are now available for Schools and Organisations to buy. They have been designed to offer proactive discussion around helping to keep children safe in potentially risky situations. The pictures are A4 size, printed in colour and come in a presentation folder. Guidance notes are also included.

Set 1 - Nursery, Reception and Year 1 

This set of 19 cards include topics such as: positive friendships, inappropriate touching, inappropriate language, unlawful behaviour (such as urinating in public or exposing the genitals) exposure to inappropriate images/TV/films and being photographed inappropriately by other children or adults.

Set 2 - Year 2/3+

This set of 21 cards consists of follow on material for the topics covered in set 1 and is age appropriate for Years 2, 3 and beyond. Additional topics include: The importance of keeping fresh and clean, sexual bullying, reinforcement of e-safety, transgender awareness, sexting, grooming, pornography and seeking support from a trusted adult.

Set 3 - Gypsy Traveller

Developed in conjunction with the Gypsy Traveller Voice Project, these cards are adapted to ensure that whilst helping to keep children safe they take into account the unique Gypsy Traveller culture and values. In today’s society it is really important that all children have clear guidelines on what is okay and not okay regarding their bodies and relationships. These cards are suitable for use by Gypsy Traveller parents who are home schooling their children or Teaching and support staff in schools attended by Gypsy Traveller children.

As a resource, they can be used proactively with children to gain knowledge about relationships whilst building awareness and self-confidence. They have been used with children from Reception to mainstream Year 6. (4-10 Years Old)

Each set costs £19.99 +VAT and includes mainland post and packaging. Buy NOW with Paypal, or major debit/credit cards. Schools and other
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Set 1 - Nursery, Reception and Year 1
£19.99 + VAT

Set 2 - Year 2/3+
£19.99 + VAT
Cards1 Cards1

Buy both sets for £39.98+vat

Set 3 - Gypsy Traveller
£19.99 + VAT



Big Talk Posters for Primary and Seniors



Number 1 - Is your Friend Ok?  

Designed for Primary aged children as they are often the first to
notice when their friend is acting differently, or maybe having troubles.

This poster has been created to help them have the confidence to mention
this to a trusted adult.

As well as a poster it can be used as a resource in Assemblies, Circle Time
or in Pastoral sessions.

£7.99 + VAT




Number 2 - Nine Warning Signs

As Parents and Professionals we are often told to look for warning signs
of abuse including Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

This poster covers 9 of the main signs such as changes in behavior,
mood swings, self-worth, attention seeking etc. and is a colourful reminder
of the clues that children may be trying to send us.

This poster has been designed for display in
schools and on staff notice boards etc.  
£7.99 + VAT  



Number 3 -  Know Your Partners Sexual Past

Designed for Senior Schools and Colleges, this is a colourful and detailed  
poster which gives a visual reminder that not all of us have the same
values and ideals about partners, relationships and sex.

It also gives a graphic example of how easy it is for Sexually Transmitted
Infections (STI’s) to spread when unprotected sex takes place.

£7.99 + VAT




Number 4. How Far Can Your Selfie Go?

Another resource produced in conjunction with the Gypsy Traveller Voice     

Many young people within the GT Community are unaware of the rapid
development of the Internet and the importance of security settings.

It highlights how far a “Selfie” can travel and reinforces that whilst it may
be intended for one person, it can soon be viewed by many all over the

£7.99 + VAT               


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